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Adonis Los Angeles Expands Into Long Beach Next Month


Looks like the Adonis Lounge brand just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and bigger (no pun intended).  After having a huge amount of continued success in their New York City locations and branching out west recently to open up a Los Angeles location, the brand is now furthering their stake in dominating the M4M experience by opening up a third location in Long Beach, California.

The Adonis LA Long Beach opening will take place on Thursday March 5th at Club Ripples.  That is located at 5101 E Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach.  More information on that nightclub & Adonis Lounge can be seen here. The fun and excitement starts at 8:30 PM PT and you can bask in the glory of all the hot men your heart, mind and pants can enjoy.  Just look at the pictures splashed across this article as proof of what’s the come.  Trust me, as someone who has been before these guys are top notch in more ways than one.

Adonis Lounge, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Adonis Lounge

I have had the privilege of working with the Adonis Brand for several years now and admire the leaps and bounds that my good buddies Tim and Matt de Iturriaga have made in their effort to solidify what the brand has become- a relaxed environment where you can hang with some of the hottest men in the city.  Adding a third location just makes it that much more impressive, and for that I give them endless kudos for their efforts.  Previous articles about their Los Angeles and Manhattan locations can be read here, in case you don’t know who they are all about.

Be sure to check it out if you are in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area.  if you can’t make it to that one you can always stop by the New York City locations which takes place Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights at Club Evolve located on 58th and 3rd.  Best of luck to Matt and Tim on their new opening!