RPDRs7-cast-group-pressPreviously, the queens all got naked! Along with the pit crew. Tempest Du Jour left, and since no one has mentioned Mrs. Kasha Davis’ age, it looks like we won’t have to deal with “OMG!! You’re soooooooo old!!” comments anymore!

In the workroom, Kandy Ho is still a bitch, and Violet Chachki doesn’t like Michelle for calling her out on her boy-body. Everyone thought that Miss Fame should have won, and she does too. Maybe. Not really, but it’s written on her face. Sasha Belle and Pearl have this little slice of “Where the hell did that come from?” where Sasha sort of apologizes for saying that Pearl should have gone home and who the hell cares? No one’s apologizing to Sasha’s black bra, so I’m not sure where this is coming from except for Pearl to give us more bitch face.

That Thing Formerly Known as She-Male shows up, with Ru muttering something that I didn’t catch, so I’m not sure what they did, but we’ll find out next week or when I re-watch this episode. There are a lot of warm nuts jokes and everyone’s going “Ok. Flight attendents.” The mini challenge is to have the best photo of them, while the pit crew sticks leaf blowers in their faces. Oh, and there’s also a lot of blowing jokes. Ha ha. Ginger Minj and Trixie Mattel win and get to pick the teams for the challenge. Oh, and Moby was there for some reason.

Violet and Kandy are the last two picked, causing some side eye. Each team is given a script. This never goes well. Trixie, tired of Violet, says in his best school teacher voice, “When we’re talking, we’re not what? Listening,” which is calculated to make Violet love him. Ginger gives out parts and Sasha doesn’t get the part she wants. SAD FACE. Just remember, there is no such thing as a small role. Just a small penis. Ru asks why Ginger picked this team, and Ginger says “Diversity!!” On the other team, Trixie is the only one with acting experience. Miss Fame says she has had opportunities which makes me wonder if she’s done porn.

Guest choreographer is Jamal Sims, who’s really NOT HAVING IT from the get go. Miss Fame has a serious case the Caucasians and Violet shows off her tiny waist. Trixie is worried about her team.

Ginger’s team is all dancy dancy, but Jamal is NOT HAVING IT. Ginger is apparently too much in her own head, along with the rest of the group. Jaidynn Dior Fierce talks about a former knee injury (I’m with you, gurl) and Jamal is NOT HAVING IT.

Back in the workshop, everyone brings out their photos, and Miss Fame tears up over a photo of her mom. There’s lots of hugging and, really, it’s only episode 2. Expect more bonding or something this season.

On the mainstage, Ru is wearing a dress that looks like the world’s best homage to sizzurp (no really, it’s gorgeous color. Just really purple).  Jordin Sparks is one of the guest judges, and the other one is Olivia Newton John!

There’s a pre-flight safety announcement and the seats are all filled with “underwear models.” Katya comes out doing “watermelon, watermelon” and you can see the flames on the sides of RuPaul’s face. Also, it turns out you can say “pussy” on TV, now. Violet’s waist is super small. Ginger’s team is having a great time until we get to Sasha’s part, which Michelle doesn’t like. Honestly, this whole thing ended up being better than it had any right to be. There’s a quick runway and then a bunch of ho’s are safe.

Katya looks good, but didn’t know the words to the speech. Violet is giving us Sandy from Grease, and is super poised but needs to let her hair down. So does Miss Fame. Ginger won the team challenge, but her outfit was more Xanadu then jet set. Sasha got lost in her hair and her dress was bad. Mrs. Kasha was good, but could have gone further with the camp and the dress, though Olivia Newton John says she owns that dress.

Sasha and Katya are up for elimination. Ginger wins. The song is Twist of Fate by Ms. Newton John. Katya does the splits and wins, and Sasha goes home.

Join us next week when something else happens!!!!