RPDRs7-cast-group-press*yawn* Greetings Race Queens! You might have noticed that there was no recap last week. Well, yours truly fell asleep during the episode and didn’t wake up until the Snatch Game started, so apologies all around. Apparently Kandy Ho went home (finally), and some other crap happened, but in the words of Elaine Stritch, WHOOOOOOOO CARES?

Max is thinking she’ll keep the grey hair, which sounds like an awesome idea, when RuPaul’s Mumble Mail interrupts. Bianca Del Rio chimes in to tell everyone to be funny, and RuPaul says we’re doing the Snatch Game!!! Everyone’s excited.

Miss Fame immediately hops on the boat to be Donatella Versace. Unfortunately, Violet Chachki is also on that boat. I think everyone should be Donatella Versace!!! No really. I even tweeted it. Jaidynn Diore Fierce plans on being Raven Simone, and RuPaul’s not impressed. Miss Fame talks about being Donatella and instead is the Long Island Medium, and Ru convinces her to be the bigger bitch. Katya is Suze Orman, but gets an earful about how RuPaul really liked the Russian character (who would he play?). Violet is also going to do Donatella, but RuPaul convinces her to do Alyssa Edwards, and she’s pretty good.

Our guests, today, are professional gay men Tamar Braxton and Michael Yuri. Max is Sharon Needles but channeling Milk. Jaidynn’s Raven Simone needs work. Somehow, Kennedy Davenport’s Little Richard really stands out, and Ginger Minj’s Adele, Katya’s Suze Orman and Violet Chachki’s Alyssa Edwards are damn on point. Actually, come to think of it, this was a pretty tight Snatch Game. None of the queens were a noticeable train wreck (even Miss Fame’s Donatella, while awful, still showed her being thoughtful and untalented, as opposed to some queens who were just lazy and stupid), as has happened in the past, and there are four queens who stood out.

However, after the Game, Max has a break down on and off stage, and ends up being in the bottom two. At this point, I can’t tell you who else was in the bottom two, because Max goes home, which would be scandalous, except Ru says that another queen is COMING BACK!! WHO WILL IT BE?!!!!!! You can find out… right now!

This time, we find out that it’s…. TRIXIE MATTEL!!! YAY!!! Followed by Tempest du Jour,… Followed by that other one who left, followed by everyone else who has been let go. In a shocking twist, the queens will be paired up with the losers, and in the winning team, the loser will get to stay. Also, as a twist, they will be walking down the runway as conjoined twins. Quelle surprise!

So, there’s a lot of talking in the workroom. Everyone’s got a story to tell and this is going to be one of THOSE episodes. There’s a lot of talking about pasts and while it a humanizing moment, it’s also a bit like that episode where Roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy talked about being left at the green bus stop to get probed by aliens or something.

Long story short, but the queens come down the runway, and everyone did a conjoined twin thing, so no one misunderstood the assignment, but three pairs of the group did the joined at the hip thing, and only Pearl and Trixie Mattel knocked it out of the park. No one was awful, but at the same, most of them weren’t terribly memorable. In the end Pearl rides Trixie’s coattails to a win, and Trixie stays in the game!!! YAY!! Unfortunately, Ginger Minj and Jaidynn Diore Fierce are the bottom two. I’m torn, because I love both of them, but Jaidynn ends up going home, and I’m thankful it’s not Ginger. Join us next week when things, hopefully, continue to get better!!!