With spring in full bloom and summer ahead, it felt like the perfect time to add some more color to my accessory drawer. As usual, I turned to Etsy, my go-to for something nice with a handmade touch, where I found a wonderful shop called Hole in Her Stocking.

Hole in Her Stocking It was hard to choose a single bracelet from all the great pieces in the shop, but remembering that they look like more than just one, I settled on a blue, turquoise, purple, and silver wrap. Intrigued with the shop and how their beautiful color schemes and styles came to be, I reached out to the owner, Jennifer, for some more information.

The Hole in Her Stocking shop was started several years ago as a hobby, with Jennifer taking time off here and there. Over the last year, though, she invested herself more seriously in the shop and created for herself a successful brand. Jennifer is a one woman team from Long Island, crafting each of her colorful pieces on her own, recruiting family only for modeling.

It turns out talent does run in the family, being that Jennifer first gained an interest in jewelry making growing up. She shared with me that her mother and grandmother were very crafty women and often made their own jewelry. Early in her life, Jennifer followed their lead and started creating her own pieces. Her natural taste in style has always been that bohemian, hippie style, so it is only natural that Hole in Her Stocking oozes fun and happy vibes.

We all love getting a great product in great packaging, and that element was certainly not overlooked by Jennifer. Several months ago she started experimenting with custom stamped sacks, and naturally the response was overwhelming. While looking to give her customers something unique, she ended up creating a keepsake bag, perfect for storage and travel, that comes with every bracelet.

The start of Jennifer’s interest in jewelry making, and the influences behind Hole in Her Stocking make for a great story behind the shop, but obviously the products speak louder than any words can. Let me start by saying, I was extremely excited to get the mail to catch my first glimpse of the custom stamped sack and multi-color wrap bracelet.

Hole in Her StockingThe sack, complete with my name and an arrow design to complement, has a light burlap texture and a drawstring on top. The bracelet fits securely in the bag, with the drawstring pulling to a tight close. Durability is key with any packaging, and the sack is cute and personalized means of protection from everyday messes. I definitely recommend keeping the bag, whether you choose to store your bracelet in it or just use it for travel.

I opened the little sack to unveil what would become my go-to color pop, and pulled out the slinky like bracelet. With nine layers of beads, my bracelet wraps from larger beads on the bottom to slightly smaller beads on the top. It starts with a line of light turquoise beads that sit securely against the loop ending on the bracelet. From there, it wraps to light blue, to silver rectangular blocks, to an almost wine colored purple. While I wouldn’t usually like blue and purple together, the accent of the silver blocks between the two layers adds a together but separate element to the bracelet, which is what ultimately gives the image of being multiple pieces. From the wine-like purple beads, it moves up to slightly translucent purple beads, and then to another layer of silver. The silver line here are faceted circular beads, yet again creating the image of a separate bracelet. My wrap finishes off with a layer of turquoise, followed by what I see as almost magenta, and ended with a line of dark royal blue that ultimately completes the bracelet.

The beads used on the bracelet are good quality, leaving no worry for sudden breakage. However, they do scratch easily, so it is vital to watch where you reach with the bracelet on. My initial concern with such a layered bracelet being a wrap would be that it wouldn’t fit my wrist properly; that either it would be too structured or bend very easily. The first time wearing the bracelet it did feel a bit stiff, resting on my wrist with room to spare between the bracelet and my arm in some places. But after the first couple wears, it almost came to fit my arm better, and now sits very comfortably every time I put it on- which is almost everyday.

The colors in the bracelets are incredibly bright and will stand out no matter what you wear, which is my favorite part. My personal favorite way to style the bracelet is with an all black outfit, letting the bracelet do the talking. On all black, the colors pop so much on their own that it makes me feel as though I need no other accessories. Hole in Her StockingAnother great style idea is to wear something that picks up one of the colors in the bracelet. For mine, I wore it with black flats, black leggings, and a flowy turquoise shirt. With the turquoise shirt and accents in the bracelet, the look was very fun, bright, and put together. I’ve also gone on to wear the bracelet with white, blue, and pink shirts along with a black cardigan, and the bracelet was, again, the perfect accent.

To say the least, I adore my bracelet from Hole in Her Stocking. The stacked look without the effort, the comfortable fit, and the bright colors to pop are just a few of the best qualities. There is near to nothing one of these bracelets wouldn’t look good with, and with most of them being under $30, there is no reason not to get one, or a million, of them for yourself. Mine in particular is only $17.50! So, do your wardrobe a favor and style it with the accessories it deserves.

Love what you see in the shop? The first ever lookbook is in progress, giving us all something to look forward to. And don’t forget follow @holeinherstocking on Instagram, where you can see all the new styles as they are listed and all the existing ones in all their boho glory.