The Row Hotel, Fox Greenberg, Manhattan Digest
Credit: Row NYC

In the two years of Manhattan Digest being an active and fabulous site, I have had the wonderful opportunities to stay and review some fantastic boutique hotels in the best city in the world.  With the warm weather here to stay for quite some time, people are flocking to New York City to see the best of the best when it comes to restaurants, theater shows and of course places to stay.  So look no further as Manhattan Digest is giving you the best hotels to stay in while you are visiting New York City or just need a night away from your place and want to indulge in some fabulous fabulocity.  Check out our picks for what is best.

Row Hotel NYC, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Fox Greenberg PR

The Row NYC- 8th Avenue Between 44th & 45th Street

The Row Hotel, conveniently located in the intersection of Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square, has a lot going for itself.  In our original article reviewing its location, we titled it- “Glitz, Glam and Pizzazz” as that truly is what The Row really embodies.  There is a great sense of retro meets modern as you walk throughout the hotel, with their suites adorned with portraits from legends like Mick Jagger and Jerri Hall with really unique color schemes adorned throughout.  Amenities are plentiful at The Row but a great addition to the hotel itself is its elevated food court experience called City Kitchen, which boasts an array of different types of companies specializing in all things delicious from lobster, pretzels, sushi and more.  To see our original review of Row NYC check it out here, and for our review of City Kitchen you can find that here.

414 Hotel, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: 414 Hotel

The 414 Hotel- 414 West 46th Street (Between 9th and 10th Avenue)

When you stay at a place that you know your time and presence there is valued, it makes you want to go back there again and again.  The 414 Hotel is a great example of that.  Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, this humble abode reads like a bed n breakfast and a lovely hotel all wrapped in one.  The staff go the additional mile to make sure that your stay is top notch, and the rooms itself are quite beautiful to stay in as well.  During your stay I recommend going down in the morning for the wonderful breakfast they prepare as it gives you a great sense of community within the establishment itself.  For more information on The 414 Hotel, check out our review.

Manhattan Digest, Hotel Elysee
Credit to: Hotel Elysee

Hotel Elysee- 60 East 54th Street Between Madison and Park Avenue

Hotel Elysee reads as “Old New York In The Modern Era”.  If you are looking for something with a great sophistication and class, this is the one hotel you should stay at.  Hotel Elysee is part of the Library Hotel Collection, which also features The Library Hotel, Hotel Giraffe and Casablanca Hotel, all amazing locations that are worth the try as well on top of Hotel Elysee. All four of these locations feature an incredible breakfast buffet every morning, evening reception with top of the line wines and cheeses, and many other great amenities.  As for Hotel Elysee, with guests that boast from Frank Sinatra and Tennessee Williams, why not add your name to that list?  Check out the original review of Hotel Elysee here and be sure to check out all of the amazing hotels in The Library Hotel collection the next time you stay in Manhattan.

Kitano Hotel, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Kitano Hotel

The Kitano Midtown- 66 Park Avenue & East 38th Street

The Kitano in Midtown has a lot more to offer than your standard hotel that you can find in Manhattan.  Being the only Japanese-owned hotel here, it adds several different facets to its already incredible hotel such as its “Jazz at Kitano” taking place each Sunday to its bevy of party selections that you can have there from a wedding, birthday party or even just a simple business meeting.  On top of that, the rooms, hospitality and overall presence read as magnificent and it is truly an amazing experience for anyone looking to stay in Manhattan.  Definitely one to check out!  Here is the original review of this great establishment.

The Kimberly Hotel, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: The Kimberly Hotel

The Kimberly Hotel- 145 East 50th Street (Between Lexington & 3rd Avenue)

The Kimberly Hotel was an easy pick for us at Manhattan Digest in terms of being one of the best hotels in New York City due to having so much to offer that you really don’t need to leave its location.  On top of the excellent customer service, beautiful and majestic suites with some incredible views from the balcony and so much more, The Kimberly Hotel also offers two wonderful restaurants and a great lounge-esque type location all in one.  If you are in the mood for all things Italian food you can exit to the right and try Bistango.  More in the mood for a Mediterranean night?  Try Ibis.  Just want a great place to relax with some delicious drinks and snacks?  Take the elevator in the hotel all the way up for Upstairs.  All three locations have something great and interesting to them that make the experience at Kimberly that much better.  Check out our official review of The Kimberly Hotel here, along with subsequent reviews on Bistango/Ibis.

Happy Travels Everyone!