Under the Manhattan Bridge
Under the Manhattan Bridge

Any native New Yorker will tell you that there is a certain nostalgia that permeates through Brooklyn. Yes, we may reluctantly admit that hipsters have brought a certain “cool” back to BK however, for a lot of us that were raised in NY the essence of Brooklyn goes beyond a bad mustache, know it all attitude and skinny jeans. It’s where out fathers and grandmothers grew up and where our great-grandparents settled after coming through Ellis Island. Next time you take a walk through an area like DUMBO try to imagine it through the hardworking New Yorkers from all over the world that came to Brooklyn and are the original producers of BK slickness.

In the spirit of keeping the nostalgia alive, I have minimized editing in the following photos.

Cobblestone BK
Cobblestone Street with Trolly Tracks in DUMBO
The Empire State Building From Under The Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Zen
Stones from the East River Stacked under the Manhattan Bridge
Famous View of the Manhattan Bridge
Under the Manhattan Bridge
Under the Manhattan Bridge


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