The view from "Top Of The Mark".

For a city that is only 46.9 square miles, and the smallest county in the state, San Francisco sure does make up for it in so many other ways that truly make the city itself one that anyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.  I had my first taste of San Francisco two years ago when I visited some high school friends who were living there, and was mystified and amazed at the beauty and serenity that encompasses a truly magical part of our country.  This past weekend I visited San Francisco for the second time, and if this was my own version of a sequel, well then it ranks up there with “The Godfather Part Two” as being just as amazing if not better than the first time I went.

Outside the famous “Intercontinental Mark Hopkins”.

As a special four part series for Manhattan Digest, we will be covering why the everyday Manhattanite needs to take a couple of vacation days and head out west to The Golden Gate City.  Yes, there are the easy tourist attractions like The Golden Gate Bridge and all of that, but if you look closer, there is so much more to this amazing city that they have to offer that will make you wonder if you really want to take that flight back to JFK so quickly.

Inside the amazing "Tony's Pizza Napoletana".
Inside the amazing “Tony’s Pizza Napoletana”.

Whether it is getting a birds eye view of how gorgeous San Francisco really is at Top Of The Mark inside the fabulous Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, dining at some of the best pizza in the world at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach, or having a delicious drink and a corn dog with your friends at Hi Tops over on Market Street right in the heart of the world famous Castro area of SF, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time with your friends and family when you visit this spellbinding city.

Inside the gorgeous "Hotel Zelos".
Inside the gorgeous “Hotel Zelos”.

In the series that we will be doing throughout this week and next. we will be telling you what are the best places to visit, where to stay, where to eat, where to get a good drink, and so much more. By the time you finish reading, our hopes are that you will hop onto the next flight to SFO and begin your mesmerizing time in one of the friendliest, beautiful, and most breathtaking areas of the world.

Part of the Omakase tasting at Roka Akor.
Part of the Omakase tasting at Roka Akor.

Want to know more already about San Francisco?  Their tourism site will help you will all of that and more, outside of what we are providing.  Link is here.  Stay tuned though, it is going to be a fantastic ride.



  1. Welcome to SF! It’s so nice to see someone from the East Coast who is willing to embrace–rather than denigrate–SF. I hope your adventures are wonderful!

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