Credit to: Montgomery Streets

One of our favorite bands in New York, Montgomery Streets, have had quite the busy couple of months.  In late November, they did an epic performance at The Cobra Club in Bushwick to a rumbling audience, and also premiered their brand new song “Dapper Man”, a follow up to “Brooklyn Burning” which was released in July.  Well, Montgomery Streets have now added the illusive video to their impressive resume by releasing one for “Dapper Man” which has already received thousands of views online.

The song is described by Montgomery Streets as the following– The idea behind “Dapper Man” was just the face that everyone puts on when things aren’t going too well in your life… a smiling, put together, confident person straightening their tie as the walls burn down around them.  Everyone has a “Dapper Man”.

The video itself is quite fascinating from beginning to end, one that is highly conceptualized and has a great use of color as well as black and white to really explain the story of said Dapper Man. The Dapper Man in this case puts on the mustache and the facade that, just like the song’s description, that everything seems to be going well but in reality it isn’t.  However, as the song plays on and The Dapper Man continues throughout his journey, things take an upswing that lead this video to a fantastic ending.  Great effort put together by an amazing band that I am hopeful will go big places in the future.

The video was shot by Mackenzie Greer, who came up with the fantastic concept for “Dapper Man”.  What a great job she did with it indeed.  Want to know more about her?  Here’s her direct link. 

For more information on Montgomery Streets, check out their official sites below-

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