Credit to; Golin

It is a magical world when you can combine two of my favorite types of sweets, chocolate and ice cream, and put them together in one tasty and delicious place.  Well, one particular brand plans to do that with the warmer weather coming and Ice Cream season being in full season in a matter of weeks, if not days.  MAGNUM New York will be bringing together the worlds of premium chocolate and ice cream in an indulgent, interactive store experience unlike any other, starting on April 23rd in SoHo.

Credit to: Golin
Credit to: Golin

MAGNUM, the brand known for its great commercials with actress Rachel Bilson, is pulling out all the stops for this fun and yummy experience for you to enjoy.  Here is what they have planned.  MAGNUM New York will feature a “dipping bar” where visitors can create their own custom MAGNUM bars from a selection of decadent ingredients. Guests will be able to design personalized MAGNUM bars by selecting silky vanilla bean or rich chocolate ice cream bars to be hand-dipped in a choice of dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate. They then can choose three custom toppings from 20 premium ingredients such as Himalayan sea salt, rose petals, and goji berries. MAGNUM New York also will have a rotating menu of exclusive ingredients that are inspired by the city’s rich culinary scene and by current events. DAY MADE, WEEK MADE, SUMMER MADE!!!

MAGNUM pop-up stores are launching around the world. Other locations this season include London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid.  MAGNUM New York is located in the city’s SoHo neighborhood (134 Prince St., New York, NY 10012) and will be open daily from mid-April through mid-August, ending on August 7th.

For more information, check out their official event here.  Happy Sweets Everyone!