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Last night, RuPaul’s Drag Race fans were left absolutely stunned as one of the two favorites to win this season, Thorgy Thor, was sent packing after an amazing lip sync against Chi Chi Devayne.  Whereas Chi Chi slayed the house down, we were all shocked as Thorgy has been consistently good throughout and no one saw this coming. That brings me to the point of this piece.

RuPaul’s Drag Race has delivered some seriously shocking moments in its 8 years on the air, many of them coming from the contestants who get eliminated way too early for whatever reasons possible. So let’s break down the 10 mind boggling eliminations that left us gagging in so many ways.

Credit to- Tumblr
Credit to- Tumblr

10- April Carrion

I had April pegged as going the distance in S6, for her amazing beauty and fashion, in particular how she killed it in the first challenge. I think she was just dealt two bad cards in the acting and singing challenges right after, yet I think it should’ve been Adore lip syncing against Vi Vacious as April wasn’t even bad as the butch lesbian. I’m hoping she gets some big redemption on All Stars for sure, because she deserves it.

Credit to- Youtube
Credit to- Youtube

9- Jessica Wild

I loved Jessica so much in S2, from her brand of humor to colorful choices on the runway. I never saw her fully winning, but many of us were floored that she got cut before Tatianna, due to an over performed lip sync by Jessica herself. She never used her language barrier as an excuse, excelled in the Snatch Game and reading challenges, and did a great job throughout.

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8- Ongina

My top three from the get go on Season 1 was Ongina, Bebe and Nina. I was gobsmacked when Ongina left, as she killed in it every challenge up to that point, especially the Mac Cosmetics challenge in which she bravely admitted she is HIV positive. Such an inspiration for many and I hope she gets her redemption in All Stars as well.

Credit to- Huffington Post
Credit to- Huffington Post

7- Thorgy Thor

Already spoken about earlier on. Her future right now is bright as her wigs, so no need to worry.

Credit to: Twitter
Credit to: Twitter

6- Yara Sofia

Yara was absolutely hysterical on S3, as well as fashion forward and one of the best makeup artists the show has ever seen. Whereas I totally understand her breakdown during her final lip sync, and it was so sad to watch, I also believe that if she stuck with it to the end, she would’ve made it to the Top 3. Eschapalante dear.

Credit to- World Of Wonder
Credit to- World Of Wonder

5- Alyssa Edwards & Roxxxy Andrews

Alyssa and Roxxxy found themselves as the bottom 2 in S5’s RuPaul roast, as both of them couldn’t get the comedy chops together to produce anything funny. However, that lip sync to “Whip My Hair” was so iconic as Roxxxy removed one wig to reveal another wig and Alyssa dragged herself all over the floor to leave us gagging for more. Then… Ru keeps both of them, primarily as Roxxxy did one last stitch effort with her story to stay in the game. Legendary in so many ways.

Credit to: Time Out
Credit to: Time Out

4- Willam

Willam was riding high in S4 as one of the standout personalities. She won the challenge in the final 6 with Latrice, then got sick and vomited, then was eliminated for breaking the shows rules, all in a 15 minute time frame. It was a lot to take in as viewers seeing as we were scared that Sharon might go home, but it goes to show you- play fair.

Credit to- Twitter
Credit to- Twitter

3- Trixie Mattel

S7 sucked so badly, but we all loved Trixie for her over the top makeup, personality and humor throughout. Social media went into a huge uproar when she was eliminated hella early on for a group challenge where she was far from the worst. HOW WAS KANDY HO STILL THERE? Nevertheless, she was brought back and broke the curse of returning queens for actually lasting more than one episode. Proof that life in plastic is really fantastic.

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2- Katya

I wanted to throw my television out the window when Katya was eliminated, but I paid a lot for it so I didn’t. Katya exemplified being the last great hope in a season of queens that were less than in many ways. For her to go home against Kennedy, who was just plain awful all season, sucked so badly but her redemption came in winning Miss Congeniality, being adored by thousands and hopefully earning a spot in All Stars 2.

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1- BenDeLaCreme

Ben was a sure fire contender to win S6, even though the season had brutal competition in Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, and Magnolia Crawford. LOL at the last one. Ben’s bright persona both in and out of drag, amazing performances in the acting and singing challenges, and giving Maggie Smith a hilarious interpretation in Snatch Game, are just several reasons why we loved her. She almost went home against rival Darienne Lake early on in a challenge they weren’t even bad in, but then really was sent packing in the top 5 against her rival again, which sent social media fuming. Just like Katya, she rightfully won Miss Congeniality and has an insanely bright future ahead.

 Who would you put on this list?


  1. kim chi over thorny thor? really its violet ll over gain!! lets get a talented drag superstar not one that just knows how to apply makeup. its too bad this show has fallen to this. it was actually a good season. and what is with ru pauls dresses? girl, get a stylist, nina grace would say enough with the draping, i’m surprised michelle hasn’t said we need to see more from you.

    • BE CAREFUL WITH THE DUMB, Kim Chi still in the game, girl.

      • SORRY GURL, but she should have been sent home when ru paul told her to learn how to walk in heels, michelle and carson telling her she can’t pronounce words and she is still in the game because she can paint her face , you be careful with the stupid, k gurl

        • Thorgy put more effort in constantly bitching about Bob than in her actual challenges, it made her look like a jealous bitch, she never was as funny as Bob and she never was as polished as Kim Chi so gurl bye

      • I’m gagging with the meme translation here hahahahahaahhaha

  2. Totally agree about April Carrion, she is so underrated. She was absolutely stunning and so creative on the runway!

  3. Max needs to be on here </3

  4. Acid Betty needs to be on here.

    • Meh, her elimination was kind of handed to her based off Snatch Game.

  5. No max does not belong here. Katya should be #1 because season 7 queens were (nearly) talentless

  6. Acid Betty should be on the list.

  7. I do not know if I agree with all the justifications, but I surely agree with the ranking!

  8. I think milk should have been on here… she was such an amazing queen and and got booted off after doing poorly on one challenge.. Just one!!! No Fair

    • to be fair, milk did poorly on the snatch game before doing poorly on the rap video… would have loved to see more of her, though.

  9. Acid Betty deserved to go, actually she was so ungrateful, she didn’t even deserve to be on the show at all. Phi Phi O’Hara was a better queen that her.
    Sorry, Betty lost my fandom when she slagged off the past winners. But boo hoo no one wants to work with me boo hoo. That coz she’s SCUM

  10. I’d include Pandora Boxx in this list. Her elimination was quite the jaw-dropper at the time.

  11. Kennedy from the last season should have made this list I quit watching that season when she went home instead of pearl

  12. Latrice Royale! She was a lock for top three but then ka-boom!

    • I agree

  13. I’m still in shock that Raven didn’t win season 2.

  14. Morgan McMichaels, Kelly Mantle, Laila McQueen, Kenya Michaels, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Kandy Ho (against Diore Fierce)… So many little bit of mistaques. But Ru has his reasons.

  15. Ok Katya was fabulous but Kennedy out lipsynced her. As for benda she should have went home the first time she lipsynced against Derian because she did not know the words. DARIAN out lipsynced her both times.

  16. Where the hell is Max? And Pandora Box?

  17. Latrice And Detox, both of them should be in top 3!

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