Credit: Brandon Deyette

Over the course of the past three years, I have profiled several gay men who are excelling in the industry that they are in and becoming a big deal based on their own hard work and determination.  The respect level I have for them just because of that is leaps and bounds higher than people who rely on others to get to where they need.  Hence the inspiration for this article.

Here are five gay men that you should be knowing in 2016 and beyond.  Whether it is singing, acting, making people laugh, and so much more, these guys are poised to be the superstars they deserve to be within the industries that they are in, and beyond.

Credit to: Blog Talk Radio
Credit to: Blog Talk Radio

Brandon Deyette- Actor & Director

You gotta respect the hustle and flow of up and coming director Brandon Deyette, who took an idea for this amazing movie called “Proxy” and has given it life that has gone beyond even his wildest dreams.  The story of how one man’s decision changes the life of eight people in the course of an afternoon, Proxy is beautifully documented behind and in front of the lens by Brandon, and has been a hit at festivals across the country.  Definitely one to look out for in the film industry.  For more info on Proxy, check out the official site.

Credit: Justin T. Russo
Credit: Justin T. Russo

Justin Russo, Artist and Illustrator

On a surface level, you should get to know Justin just by looking at him, my god!  But the talent on this New Yorker from an art point of view is absolutely incredible!  Justin has been getting a ton of praise & a ton of social media buzz about his set of illustrations called “Government & Gams”, which takes famous American leaders (and current hopefuls) and blend their iconic personalities with the (adopted) American art of the pin-up model.  Go see here for yourself.  Definitely one to look out for in the art world and beyond.

Credit to: Nicholas Contrera
Credit to: Nicholas Contrera

Nicholas Contrera- Artist

The woofy, sweet and kind Nicholas Contrera has done quite a lot for himself since he entered the New York City scene a couple of years ago.  The budding photographer and artist has had his photo series be featured in The Huffington Post, Pride Guide Magazine, and even all the way across the world in Australia, where he just got back from a little while ago after a successful showing.  And all at such a young age, very impressive.  More information here.

Peter Bisuito, Manhattan Digest
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Peter Bisuito, Comedian

Peter Bisuito, who now resides in sunny Fort Lauderdale by way of upstate New York, has taken his comic efforts outside of the United States and on a more global level as he just finished a huge tour in Ireland & The UK!  Peter’s dry sense of humor, fantastic and funny stories, as well as his timing, make him a huge threat in the comedy world, both gay and straight.  Plus, his body makes me want to do things to him that i hope he won’t laugh at during.  For more on Peter, check out his official site.

Tony Banks, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Tony Banks

Tony Banks- Music Artist

To be and out and proud gay man in the industry takes balls, and Tony has some big ones (I want to say “pun” intended, however, I know that’s wrong).  Tony has been infiltrating the R&B and hip-hop scene for a while now, with his new LP “Chocolate Cake” being a big hit on Soundcloud. If there is anyone that can conquer this particular scene and transcend sexuality in doing so, Tony is that guy.  For more info on him, check out his official site.


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