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Drag Race All Stars Season 2 is here!!! Everyone has been a twitter about who’s going to be cast since Season 1, and after each of the previous seasons, we’ve all been hoping our favorite will be on the next all stars!!! AND IT’S HERE!!!! So, let’s get out the Kryolan paint stick and get ready to sissy that walk!!!

First, the walk of the queens. I’m guessing that the order of the queens no longer matters, so we’re presenting them in the order I remember them. Katya was first, both in the line-up and of my heart. Alaska did something with a trash bag and umbrella. Adore came in looking like the fifth member of 4 Non-Blondes. Roxxxy Andrews judged everyone. Phi-Phi O’Hara wore some Riddler outfit, and gurl. I WANT to like you/that, but there’s something about it that’s just trying too damn hard. Relax. You’re cute and talented and seem like you’d be a lot of fun if you meditated more or something. Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards have told us that there’s no more drama, which means there probably is more. Tatianna is gorgeous but everyone’s like “You were on Season 2, and that was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and no one cared, so you could wear your Wet Seal dress and it was no big deal.” We’ll see. I actually liked Tati back then and I love her now. SHUT IT, HATERS! Detox was Detox, and I’m still not sure why she’s on this show. It’s not like she needs it. Lastly, we have the other queen of my heart, Ginger Minj, looking like she’s ready for the cabana boy in an amazing bathing suit/cape number.

Ru joins us, and there’s no photo challenge, and thus, no Mike Ruiz. We are joined by the Pit Crew, though, no one I remember. Followed by a “Reading Is Fundamental” challenge, which goes exactly as you’d expect it. The queens that you’d expect to be witty and sassy are, and the other fall on their faces. And then we reveal the twist of this season. The top two queens will have to lip sync for their “legacy” (And a tip of $10,000 per win), and the top queen gets to choose the queen out of the bottom three to go home. Everyone’s shocked.

The maxi challenge is a talent show, which based on past seasons could be amazing, or scary.  In alphabetical order, Adore sang a song that she wrote.  Alaska did this combo spoken word/singing thing that was pretty damn funny.  Alyssa did this “Variety” act that started out with a scary puppet act until she threw everything away and began doing high kicks for Jesus, thus redeeming herself.  Detox was an extra in that paint club scene in Miss Congeniality.  Ginger crooned a ballad.  Katya did acrobatics/contortion work. Phi Phi sang acapella, and everyone made comments about how pitchy she was, even though she wasn’t that off.  Roxxxy did a burlesque number.  Tatialla did this whole spoke word piece about creeping up on a guy at a club, while in drag.  Coco attempted to invoke old Hollywood glamour with a dance.

In the end, Adore, Phi Phi, Coco were dubbed the bottom three, and Tatianna and Roxxy had to lip sync, but not before choosing who they think should go home. Tati was all “I’ve made up my mind” while Roxxxy insisted on having a sit down with everyone, like she’s the HR rep. Adore was floored, because Michelle doesn’t like her aesthetic and doesn’t think she should be there. In the end, Roxxxy made her decision. There’s now some lipstick choosing ceremony before the lip sync. Tati and Roxxxy perform to  Shake It Off and Roxxxy gets top pick, and ends up sending Coco home.

Join us for episode two and the rest of the season!!! What do you think of the twist? Should Coco have stayed? Why did Raven SimonYAY change her name, again?