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Previously on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Game was Snatched. Adore went home to cry, and Tatiana went to whatever green room the other eliminated queens are hanging out at.

The queens are given famous women from history to portray and do some large group number to. Because that combo always goes well. Alaska gets Eve, the Biblical one, not the rapper. Phi Phi gets Helen of Troy. Ginger is Catherine the Great. Detox is Marie Antoinette. Alyssa is Annie Oakley. Roxxxy is Eva Peron. Lastly, Katya is Princess Diana.

We see the beginnings of everyone’s dresses and they look about what a drag queen with limited time would be putting together for this. Though, I’m worried about Phi Phi (ok, not really) because she’s doing that fabric faux toga and corset thing that’s been done more than once and NEVER looks good.

The queens get herded into the mainstage area to rehearse and the obligatory “most of these people can’t dance and the young, dumb, and cute choreographers are going to be scandalized by this shocking turn of events” montage. For some reason, they throw a bunch of ballet terms at Detox. Why? I don’t know. Ginger is funny and Alyssa looks like the Ritalin hasn’t kicked in yet.

The HERstory show starts with Alaska and two dudes from the pit crew. I’m really not sure why this was chosen as none of the stuff that’s being sung about has anything to do with the women in question. Roxxxy and Katya are kinda blah, though I can’t tell if it’s because there’s not that much to do with Eva Peron and Princess Di, or if because the song change doesn’t give them a lot.

The runway is Drag of the Future so everyone comes out dressed like Barbarella fucked a robot. Alyssa Edwards and Detox win, which Detox’s runway outfit was everything, but I wasn’t down with her stage performance. It seemed lack luster and all over the place. Katya and Ginger are in the bottom, and everyone starts talking about is Alyssa going to go by The Plan, which never seemed to be agreed upon, unless that’s the real reason why Tatianna had to go.

Lip Sync is “Tell It To My Heart” by Taylor Dayne and while both do a great job, Alyssa slays it and is chosen the winner. In a shock to everyone, Katya stays and Ginger goes home.

What’s up with the bottom two in the last two episodes? Apparently, next week, all the queens will get super pissed at Alyssa for not following The Plan, so apparently, they all wanted Ginger to go. Either that or some of RuPaul’s editing is being left out, cause, frankly, I thought it was going to be Roxxxy in the bottom two. Join us next week!