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Last week, Tatianna went home. Why? No one knows.

tumblr_oealxew03k1tldeyxo1_540The word on everyone’s lips is Rolaskatox, despite it being over, according to some. Katya reveals that she chose Roxxxy, and Roxxxy’s upset, despite getting pretty low marks. Now, do you remember that episode in Season 2 where Tyra ran around the workroom annoying the hell outta everyone? Alaska channels that. It’s still annoying.

RuPaul shows up and brings out their sisters and mothers. The main challenge is to drag their relations, barring some unfortunate twists. There’s a lot of emotions, as this is close to the anniversary of a few deaths in more than one family. Roxxxy is immediately excited for a sewing challenge.

Later, Ru comes up to Katya and mentions that she’s the only queen not from Season 5, and Katya is all “Yeah, about that…” All the work is interrupted by some Anna Wintour’s baby step sister who wants to show them how to shape their brows. It’s awkward and so are we.

Ru then comes to give the big twist, which you knew was coming. Each pair will also need to vogue. I can’t wait. After dropping that bomb, we get some more family emotions.

Mainstage, and I really don’t like Ru’s dress, and that’s something I don’t say often. The guest judge is Aubrey Plaza.

First we vogue, and then glamour couture runway, then the judges critiques. Alaska looses it, as she isn’t the clear winner, and in fact, got the harshest critique. She proceeds to stomp around the room, offering to bribe Detox, and in general being REALLY heinous. Also, wasn’t there this whole “deal” that they made about how they were going to follow the judges critiques? I seem to remember people making a big stink about that, but it could just be me.

Detox and Katya, however, are the top two, and lip sync to a RuPaul’s song, “Step to the Plate”. Detox wins, and sends Alyssa home, while crying about how she can’t send home a friend. And we’re stuck with Roxxxy for another week.

It’s eerily interesting how this season, which I thought had an amazing twist in the beginning, has turned into season 5 all over again with RoLaskaTox and the one that we all root for in the end.  It’s sort of ridiculous how Roxxxy got saved week after week after week, and it brought back a point that I didn’t understand why there were so many season 5 queens, especially ones who had this bond.  It sort of made it impossible for the other 4 (Adore taken out of it) to really get far as they weren’t going to send each other home.  And now, they once again have to deal with the backlash that they put on, similar to what they did to Jinkx.

Should Alyssa have gone home? Was Alaska being a shit? Who do you think will win next week?