Television Shows
"Westworld" Credit: HBO

2016 hasn’t been a kind year for many of us in the pop culture world, however there have been an amazing amount of new and returning television shows that we fell in love with as the year went on!  This year brought on a ton of fresh, original and amazing shows for us to divulge, debate and love when each episode aired, and it renewed our love for the boob tube going into 2017.  Question is, which television shows were our favorite and why?

I polled a bunch of Manhattan Digest readers this very question to see which television shows were at the top of their list for 2016.  The answers were diverse in so many ways, which shows just how much quality program there still is on TV today. Check out which our viewers loved the most.

Television Shows
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

“Insecure” because as a writer Issa Rae is inspirational and I feel that she’s writing from a black persons prospective. She writes a show on how she would talk which is relatable and funny.- Timothy A.

Television Shows
“Bojack Horseman”
Credit: Indie Wire

“Bojack Horseman”– Made me laugh uproariously as much as it did question my life!- Peter F.

Television Shows
“This Is Us”
Credit: NBC

“This is Us” and I recently discovered “The Goldbergs”. I laugh every episode of The Goldbergs, and I cry during every episode of This Is Us. Two great shows on opposite sides of the spectrum.- Suzanne E.

Television Shows
“Stranger Things”
Credit: Screen Rant

“Stranger Things”! Fantastic role for Winona Ryder and love the 80s montages throughout. The story is pretty cool too.- Michael K.

Television Shows
“American Housewife”
Credit: Variety

“American Housewife” is really cute – she is real and a real pretty woman. She has a gay best friend – very funny.- Joe P.

Television Shows
“Chewing Gum”
Credit: Channel 4

“Chewing Gum”. I have almost wet my pants watching this show.- Jared F.

Television Shows
“Designated Survivor”
Credit: ABC

“Designated Survivor” is a really good show so far!- Matt G.

Television Shows
“Black Mirror”
Credit: The Independent

“Black Mirror!” Such an amazing show.- Alejandro H.

Television Shows
Credit: HBO

“Westworld”, “Shameless”, “Sense8″. All of them are insanely intense, well cast, & so unlike anything I’ve watched before.Kendrick A.



  1. Designated Survivor is okay but Bojack horseman is definitely one of my least favorite television shows.

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