D Clak
Credit: D Clak

The hip-hop industry has seen somewhat of a decline when it comes to discovering fresh talent who bring a touch of old school with the beats of new school to really get the crowds talking.  Pittsburgh’s very own D Clak is one of those rare talents that the industry needs today, and that can be easily stated in his new video and song called “Trap Again” which he recently released.

Here is a little bit more about D Clak that you may not have known. The D standing for his name Derrick (Age 26) and the Clak representative of a firearms last position before firing, is a reference to his lyrical abilities to fire off quickly line after line.  His stories reflect the life of an urban male with his back against the wall torn between good and evil, poverty and success.  This is something that we do see a lot in hip-hop, yet not so much recently outside of the likes of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar as everything that seems to be out there is strip club anthems and booty jams.  D Clak seems to be doing the opposite, especially with the release of this song that can easily be a big hit in the upcoming months.

I like the video, as it has a raw appeal to it that doesn’t showcase the usual “bling bling” atmosphere that is present in so many hip-hop videos.  D Clak is real with his approach to his music, and this song proves that and then some.  Pittsburgh isn’t that highly represented with known rappers outside of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, and if there is a new kid on the block to join the ranks, D Clak is that.

For more information on D Clak, including more of his awesome music, check out his official site.


  1. YES!!! DClak’s entire cd “The Dime Piece” is AWESOME and a “classic”!! This young brother has been making some very nice music for the past few yrs now!! It is definitely his “time-to-shine” on the BIG STAGE!! GREAT ARTICLE!

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