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iPic Theaters wants to give you the movie going pleasure of Beyonce’s song and legitimately Upgrade U. With the ever present popularity of streaming movies and staying home, it is hard to find a reason to head to the actual theaters for the latest films you are dying to see.  iPic gives you so many reasons to get off your butt and head down to their South Street Seaport location that go beyond the basic semi-comfortable chair and burnt popcorn experience.  I stopped by there with a friend on Saturday and was truly enchanted by it all.

I only became familiar with iPic due to it being connected to The Tuck Room, which I recently reviewed for their fab brunch (more on that here). Their mission is simple- “premium yet affordable”, which is fabulous given how expensive everything in Manhattan is as of late.  Billed as “the ultimate night out”, you literally combine all of the elements of what it is to see a movie with some delicious cocktails, food and beverage, staff who check in on you at your utmost convenience, and so much more to make this trip one to remember.

Credit: iPic Theaters

This past Saturday was nasty in Manhattan as it rained throughout the entire day, however me and my friend were excited to experience iPic and what it had to offer us.  We took the 3 train downtown to watch Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s hilarious movie “Snatched”, which had a matinee showing at 12:30 PM.

When you go inside, you aren’t greeted to endless rows of chairs and worrying about peeing while you sit in the middle of a crowded room.  This time around, you have to plush and beautiful orange recliner chairs that lean all the way back, with a table smack dab in the middle of it.  The table is designed for your food and beverages, with a blue light that you can press whenever you are ready to order your next drink or bite or just need assistance.  The staff is incredibly accommodating and is there for you with any questions you may have.

Regarding dining, you can either stop into The Tuck Room before for some great eats,  choose iPic Express, which features some gourmet pizzas, bites, trios and more, or do what we opted for which was order via our Cinema type menu.  Complimentary popcorn is included, but unlike this type of snack that you can get anywhere, iPic gives you some classy type options that range from Chicken Caesar Salad to a Caprese Panini or some Filet Mignon Sliders.  Holy tasty, Batman!  I’m a sucker for salt, so their Warm Pretzels with Sea Salt and Honey Mustard did the trick for me throughout the movie.

Credit: iPic Theaters

The seats were incredibly relaxing and made the movie that much better, not to mention the great food, ambiance and overall experience.  This is a unique concept that I hope our readers can really take advantage of, as it won’t take a bite out of your wallet and will give you something really exciting to look forward to time and time again!

For more information on iPic Theaters, check out their official website.


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