Credit: Sushi by Bou

A lot of what is missing in the culinary scene in Manhattan today is a sense of wonderment and excitement, as a lot of what we eat tends to get redundant really quickly.  Sushi by Bou brings a level of enchantment and uniqueness that I have not experienced at a restaurant in quite some time, and this 200 square foot location just might be your next guilty pleasure for the summertime and beyond.

Sushi by Bou gives you the elements of a fantastic omakase tasting mixed with a secrecy and exploration that just makes the overall experience that much more fun.  It’s first spot debuted at Gansevoort Market on May 15th and now its second location opens today under The Sanctuary Hotel which we have loved here at Manhattan Digest for quite some time.  

Sushi By Bou
Credit: Sushi by Bou

I had to ask their staff where the actual entrance to Sushi by Bou was, as my confusion engulfed me like an idiot tourist who didn’t know their way around Times Square.  Then, I was led down a graffitied staircase and through a security locked door into a tiny room, where on one end you had a mixologist making some amazing drinks, and on the other you had two sushi chefs preparing a one of a kind tasting that left me full and happy.

Chef-owner David Bouhadana, whose previous efforts include Sushi Dojo and Dojo Izakaya (both of which we have stopped by here in recent years) has used his fun and upbeat personality as part of the overall omakase experience while at Sushi by Bou.

Credit: Sushi by Bou

The process for this tasting is pretty simple.  It is $50, and it gets you the following pieces of sushi to enjoy: Ikura, Hamachi, Akami, Toro, Salmon, Albacore, Uni, Scallop, Botan Shrimp, Wagyuni, Wagyu and Unagi.  Even if you are only getting one piece, this is a pretty sweet deal for $50, especially in Manhattan, as you are getting quality sourced fish expertly made in a cool environment.

They all tasted great, but the ones that stood out to me the most were the Botan Shrimp (which I accidentally wrote as Bowtie Shrimp.  I was too busy enjoying the food to hear what was really going on), the Scallop, Salmon, Wagyu and the Unagi, which I will always lovingly refer to as Ross Gellar’s defense strategy on that episode of Friends.  Nevertheless, David and Sushi by Bou provide a great experience that all of you now get to try with its opening being today.  Have fun!

For more information on Sushi by Bou, please check out their official website.