Credit: G.H. Cretor's

We have found some of the best snacks to munch on this fall while on your endless hustle in Manhattan, to ensure that hunger is a non-issue for you during your busy day!  From popcorn to a healthier alternative in candy bars, we have you covered so when you are on the go you are feeling full and satisfied!  Yum.

Credit: G.H. Cretors

G.H. Cretor’s Popcorn

I first became aware of G.H. Cretor’s when I attended the Editor’s Showcase: Snack Attack over the summer.  There were many different snacks to try out there, and they were all good, however G.H. Cretor’s stood above and beyond with their delicious variety of flavors that made each kernel taste different from the rest. They have everything from Organic White Cheddar to Organic Dill Pickle and so much more, that it will satisfy even the pickiest of popcorn eaters.   For more information, click here.

Credit to: Kind Snacks

Kind Snacks

You really can’t go wrong with Kind Snacks, as these bars pack so much incredible flavor in them and what’s even better is that they taste great (if not better) than the calorie-filled candy bars we see at supermarkets!  My personal favorite?  Dark-Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. Yum!  More information here.

Credit: Godshall’s

Godshall’s Jerky

Another personal favorite of mine from the Snack Attack event, Godshall’s produces some of the tastiest jerky & turkey bites I have ever tried.  I wasn’t the biggest jerky fan, until I sampled their Apple Sriracha and was simply blown away by how great it tastes!  More information here.

Hope you enjoyed looking (and hopefully devouring soon) these tasty treats.  Each of them, although very different, pack a ton of flavor and are so much fun to eat.

What are your favorite snacks to chow down on in the fall and winter season?  Let us know!