City Kitchen
Credit: Row NYC

City Kitchen, located inside the fabulous Row NYC Hotel, is one of the few reasons this Manhattanite will actually make the trip to Times Square.  Most people who live here despise heading towards the biggest tourist trap in the world, but this location provides multiple culinary options inside that make it worth getting through all that foot traffic and sitting down for something really, really good.

Credit to: Fox Greenberg PR

Row NYC Hotel is one of the few hotel spots in Manhattan that offers an in house food hall of sorts to dine and dish at, without ever having to head outside.  I’ve stayed there a bunch of times in the past, and this offering just exemplifies what makes the hotel such a fantastic place to stay overall as you can keep going back for more during the day and into the night.

They also have a fantastic spot located inside called District M, which provides delicious pastries and coffees in the morning, and amazing cocktails, wines and drinks at night to indulge in after a busy day in NYC.  More on that here.

Credit: Row NYC Hotel

The vendors located inside City Kitchen have other locations sprawled throughout New York City, but why waste your time going to each individual one when you can stay in one place and try them all at the same time?  Here’s where culinary diversity is incredible as the options to choose from here are plentiful and beyond satisfying.

Luke’s Lobster is your seafood ecstasy spot in more ways than one.  If you are jonesing for a great “roll” of sorts (with a side of pickles and chips) then this is your spot.  Try the classics like their Lobster or Shrimp Roll.

Sushi is a must whenever someone visits Manhattan, and Asuki masterfully executes delicious sushi rolls available at your disposal.  Start out with some Gyoza and Shumai and indulge in their Tuna, Salmon or California Rolls before you head out for the day.

Credit: Row NYC Hotel

If you are a burger guy like me, then Whitman’s is your spot.  They have quite the unique one that is so worth the try: Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger.  Guess what?  It works and then some, as the PB and Bacon gel beautifully with one another and make for  a hearty bite.

The list goes on and on, as Gabriela’s provides epic tacos with flavors that explode in your mouth.  Box has amazing Shawarma Pita Wraps and sides that will transport you to another country.  Kuro-Obi are for the ramen-obsessed folks out there, that definitely will warm you up as the weather continues to get cold.  Finally, Dough is your sweet end to an amazing meal with their line of amazing donuts for you to enjoy.

Credit: Row NYC Hotel

Row is also offering an amazing collaboration with Kesté Pizzeria, where they are inviting you to master the art of making authentic Italian pizza!  We’ve stopped by Kesté before and its some of the best pizza we have ever tried!

Their Pizza Academy package includes a 3-hour single or couples pizza class at Kesté Fulton, where you will make dough from scratch and learn the secrets of Neapolitan Pizza. Make your own pizza, practice professional pizza stretching techniques, and learn about different toppings and proportions while having fun and enjoying fine Italian wines.

Package includes:
– 3 hour Pizza making class with Kesté culinary team
– Complimentary glass of fine Italian wine
– Pizza Academy Diploma
– Transportation to and from hotel to Kesté Fulton.
– Apron, pizza making book, and bottle of Prosecco on day of arrival
– Complimentary breakfast for 2 people each morning at the Hotel Lobby Restaurant.

Credit: Row NYC Hotel

How awesome is that?  For more information on City Kitchen, click here, and for more on Row NYC Hotel, click here.