Brooke Moriber
Credit to: Brooke Moriber

It’s always a very exciting feeling when you get a big opportunity to showcase your talent to the world.  Broadway actress turned pop singer Brooke Moriber will be experiencing that tonight, as she will be front and center at Madison Square Garden to perform the National Anthem during the New York Knicks basketball game!

We first got to know Brooke a couple of years back here at Manhattan Digest, when she was making the transition from one stage to the next and taking the pop world by storm.

Brooke Moriber, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Brooke Moriber

After performing on the Broadway stage with acclaimed director Andrew Lloyd Webber and some television work on As The World Turns, Brooke turned her focus to the music world with the release of her critically acclaimed EP “Fire”.  She was compared to music legends like Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani for her incredible effort, and since then has made music her career passion.

Having dropped her latest EP “Here and Gone” earlier this year and showcasing not only her powerful voice and incredible tone, but her gifted songwriting ability with deeper lyrical content and impassioned storytelling, Moriber recently released her brand new video for one of its singular tracks “99 Days of Rain”.

The video shows Moriber battling shadows as she sings along with a myriad of reflective backgrounds capturing the impassioned lyrics which gradually become brighter along with the picturesque animation as the song comes to its climax.

Looks like this talented songstress will be taking MSG by storm with that same power and tenacity that she does with her music tonight!  Definitely go see her if you have the chance and want to enjoy some major entertainment during the game.

Credit to: Brooke Moriber

For more information on Brooke Moriber, please check out her official website.