Credit: Legasea Seafood Brasserie

As someone who commuted in and out of Long Island for many years, I consider myself to be a person who knows many hotspots right outside Penn Station.  Pennsy Hall is one of the newer ones, yet for the life of me I didn’t know about Legasea Seafood Brasserie until a couple of weeks ago when my friend raved about what an amazing restaurant it truly is.  Yesterday, I understood the hype when I stopped by there to see what all the fuss was about.  Get your bibs on folks, because it’s about to be a delicious ride.

Legasea, which is part of TAO Group, happens to be happens to be one of the shining stars in an area that boasts a lot of fast food and not so stellar spots to eat in.  The great thing about this location is that it works well for a quick business lunch with your colleagues or a huge birthday gathering with your friends.  Whatever floats your boat, chances are they caught it, fried or steamed it, and served it on a plate with some fantastic side option (thanks, I’ll be here all night).

You are whisked upstairs to a space that is brightly lit and gets itself away from the cluttered mess that is 7th avenue outside.  Not to mention that the customer service there was spectacular and the menu boasts a ton of great seafood options but also some land specific ones that were just so darn good.

Credit: Legasea Tao Group

Legasea boasts itself as being sustainable when it comes to using their resources in their seafood.  This is something that is not only becoming a trend in the culinary industry, but also somewhat of a requirement moving forward for most restaurants I have been to as of late.

Here is what I recommend you try the next time you find yourself there. For one, it’s somewhat freezing in Manhattan right now, so why not warm yourself up with a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder?  I will always be team New England Clam Chowder for some reason, however the MCC in this situation was pretty amazing as the depth of flavor in the broth was fantastic and it was swirling with delicious clams that made for a great starter dish.  If you are more of a salad starter kind of person, then their B.L.T. will do the trick for you.  This is a wedge salad with exactly what you think, and its fresh and tasty with all the right elements inside.

Me and my friend stuck to sandwiches as we were there for lunch.  One of us stayed on land, while the other hopped around in the sea.  For me, I had their Crispy Chicken Sandwich which came with spice coleslaw and a bread and butter relish.  I find people either love or hate coleslaw, I am the former.  It’s freaking delicious and made the sandwich itself taste so fresh.  That relish was a first for me and it just added to the taste level of the sandwich overall.

For the seafood lovers who like a good bite during their lunch hour, the Lobster Thermidor Roll with Old bay fries and a gem salad is perfection.  Mounds of Lobster on a hearty roll with some spicy fries to go along with.  Check please!

For more information about Legasea Seafood Brasserie, please check out their official website.