Del Frisco's
Credit: Del Frisco's

Last week, a friend of mine was driving around with me out on Long Island and we were beyond starving at that point.  We were by Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, where I remembered immediately that there was a Del Frisco’s located on the outskirts of the mall!  I had been to this location in the past (very similar to the one in NYC), but never for lunch.  Now, I’ll be going back for lunch again and again as the menu was off the chain!

For those of you who don’t feel like jet setting off to Long Island to experience Del Frisco’s, no need to worry.  The one in Rockefeller Center is very similar in terms of menu options, only in Long Island you have a different viewpoint of course.

Nevertheless, Del Frisco’s is no musk, no fuss good modern American food.  Nothing wrong with the classics, especially when you are out during the busy holiday and post-holiday shopping season and you want to enjoy a delicious sandwich, salad or soup to get you through the day.

Whereas the dinner menu is a little bit more plentiful (see that here) the lunch menu is a bit more straight to the point but gets you what you need if you are in the mood for something really delicious.

Here’s what I recommend that will leave you full and won’t break your wallet in the process.  For starters, their Cheesesteak Eggrolls are classic and are the perfect starter meal.  They should really try to get these into freezer sections as the taste is simply amazing.  It’s paired with two different types of sauces: sweet & spicy chili and honey mustard, both of which compliment the eggroll perfectly.

Your best bet after that would be The Perfect Match, and I don’t mean going on a date with the super handsome bartender.  This allows you to choose a cup of soup, Caesar or mixed green salad with four of their hearty entree options.

The soup that day was their Sweet Corn Bisque, which went perfectly on a cold winter day that we had that day.  I was in the mood for something on the meat side, so their Half Hand-Shaved Prime Steak Sandwich was simply delicious, with the steak cooked perfectly and the moisture really soaking into the bread it was between.

They have other great options as well, including a Half Chicken Avocado Wrap for someone who is watching their calories in the new year, to knife & fork options including Pan-Seared Scallops and more.  Definitely a great lunch place to treat yourself to this week, either in NYC or out in Long Island.

For more information on Del Frisco’s Grille, please check out their official website.