Mr. Bing
Credit: Mr. Bing Facebook Page

Mr. Bing made its triumphant debut in New York City only a couple of months ago to major fanfare and praise from critics and fans alike (me being one of them).  Their take on a Northern Chinese street food creme was nothing short of absolutely delicious, and now they have expanded their menu with the launch of their breakfast menu, just in time for the new year.

For those who are unfamiliar with what Mr. Bing is or what “bings” are, let me catch you up to date. More commonly known as “jianbing”, these tasty treats are served in classic Beijing style at Mr Bing, consisting of mung bean, rice, and wheat flour batter spread into a thin crepe, coated with scrambled egg, then stuffed with fillings before being folded into a sandwich.  In other words, they are freaking delicious.

Mr. Bing
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

Some of the bings from the original menu include a BBQ Pork Bing with sweet, savory, and juicy Cantonese style roast pork or their Classic Vegetarian Bing with mung bean, rice & wheat flour crepe with scrambled egg, sesame seeds, scallions, hoisin sauce, crispy chili paste, cilantro, and crunchy wontons.

Now, Mr. Bing has upped the ante with the introduction of their breakfast menu, which myself and a friend enjoyed devouring at their St. Mark’s location in the Lower East Side.

There were four different kinds that we got to choose from, all of which highlighted flavors that I’ve never had before and really gave a great spin to what your breakfast can truly be.  Two personal favorites of mine were their Nutella Bing and their Maple Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bing.

The latter of which really got my juices flowing, only because I love syrup on my eggs so you got a really good mixture of sweet and savory into a couple of really tasty bites.  On the flip side, the Nutella Bing was superb and consisted of all the great flavor profiles you get from a Nutella with a Northern Chinese twist.  Overall, Mr. Bing is definitely a spot you are going to want to try out if you are looking to spice up your breakfast with something totally new.

For more information on Mr. Bing, please check out their official website.