Best Gay Bars
Credit: Gustavo Monroy

Some of the best gay bars and events happen right here in The Big Apple.  Although the bar scene may be “seen” as waning a bit as the years have gone by, several are still thriving in our big metropolis as a great way to go out for the evening with your friends and have a great time at.  So are some of the biggest and most fantastic gay events out there, question is, which should you go to and why?

We polled our readers and asked them about what they think are the best gay bars and events here in Manhattan, and the answers were diverse in its audience, appeal and ultimately what makes them come back for more, more more.  Take a look at our list for the best gay bars and events in Manhattan.

Credit: Gym Sportsbar

Gym Sportsbar: Chelsea

It’s important to include Gym Sportsbar on the list, as it’s practically the last gay bar on 8th Avenue.  This particular avenue used to be the location for several incredible gay bars, many of which have gone their way of the dodo bird, but Gym has remained open for a variety of reasons.  It is a great starting off spot to get your night going, and their Happy Hour drink specials are simply fantastic.  It also creates a fun and friendly environment throughout, with a great basement space for those who want a quieter and more intimate setting.  An easy choice for our list of best gay bars for sure.

Credit: Gustavo Monroy

Urban Bear Street Fair- May of Each Year

Urban Bear’s annual Street Fair is the final event that takes place during Urban Bear Weekend in May.  It’s sort of a “save the best for last” type of situation, as hundreds of bears and bear aficionados stop by to check out some of the amazing vendors, eat some great food, watching some spectacular performances, and enjoy a great and sunny afternoon.  A perfect event to kick off each and every summer.

Credit: Nowhere Bar

Nowhere Bar: East Village

Nowhere Bar’s crowd is a bit more mature than most, and has a vibe to it that is incredibly chill and relax no matter how busy it gets.  Its moderate size works well with the surroundings, as they throw a different themed party each night for the crowd to enjoy.  It also made our list for best gay bars as it is right next to one of our favorite pizza spots in Manhattan: Artichoke Pizza.

Credit: Gustavo Monroy

Furball: Multiple times per year

Furball is one of the best dance parties to inhabit the Big Apple, as it brings in some of the best DJ’s from around the world (Corey Craig, Shane Stiel, etc) and the hottest gogo dancers you will ever see for a spectacularly fun night all under one roof.  Furball has been going on for fourteen years now, and shows no signs of stopping as its irresistible mix of dancing, hot guys and great venues proves what a force it is to be reckoned with to this day.

Credit: Flaming Saddles

Flaming Saddles Saloon: Hell’s Kitchen 

If you are in a country sort of mood and want to see hot guys in tight jeans dancing on top of the bar, then Flaming Saddles Saloon is the right place for you.  It’s one of the few great gay bars in Hell’s Kitchen that doesn’t come off as pretentious and is open to a pretty diverse crowd that takes Coyote Ugly and spices it up with a much gayer version.