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Food halls are becoming one of the biggest trends in Manhattan, which is something that we’ve noticed over the past year with spots like Pennsy Food Hall, City Kitchen and Gotham West Market.  Urbanspace Lexington is the Upper East Side’s version of what a food hall is supposed to be, and it has a new entry inside its spacious building with INDAY Go Go, which is a fast casual eatery serving some of the most delicious Indian cuisine we have ever had.

INDAY Go Go is picking up on another trend that is becoming the norm here in NYC: fast casual with a purpose.  So many spaces are providing high quality products at affordable prices without forgetting about the health benefits in each item they order while still maintaining a delicious taste to them.

This brand new space, which just opened up this past Wednesday, takes that idea to the fullest by providing its customers some amazing on the go Indian food including a variety of Roti’s and some amazing side dishes.

This was developed by the restaurateur behind Flatiron’s INDAY, Basu Ratnam and acclaimed chef Akhtar Nawab, who collaborated to make this idea into reality.  This new express outpost aims to make food “on the go” simple, delicious, and good for you.

Ratnam and Nawab, longtime friends who share a passion for health and wellness, evolve fast casual cuisine with the introduction of a “superfood” Roti (exclusive to this location) as well as new signature bowls. INDAY Go Go’s unique version of the Indian flatbread (roti) is made from coconut flour, chia seeds and flax seeds instead of the usual wheat flour. At INDAY, everyday food is powered by ancient Indian philosophy.

That concept works incredibly well for the health-conscious minds that populate NYC, as well as people who are trying to stay trim and fit for the warm weather that is hopefully approaching soon.  We tried their Grilled Chicken Go Go Roti, which came with basmati rice, picked cabbage, roasted tomatoes, green curry sauce and calabrian chili.

This dish isn’t for the weak ones out there who can’t handle a little spice: it’s definitely there but it doesn’t overpower.  The grilled chicken was so unbelievably yummy and the mixture of the tomatoes, green curry sauce and chili just made it that much better.  I have never had a wrap like this, and if this is the healthier version of what I would get at another chain location, then they may just have me converted in the future.

If you want a little something extra, try one of their side hustles like their Charred Cauliflower with tumeric masala, coconut tahini and fresh herbs.  Cauliflower has become one of my favorite vegetables to devour if its prepared in this sort of way, and INDAY Go Go definitely places all the right moves together in one tasty dish.  So if you work in the Midtown East area and need a great spot for lunch or to grab after work, then INDAY Go Go is definitely the place for you.

For more information on INDAY Go Go, click here.


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