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Although it’s a tough debate between NYC, Atlanta and Orange County… The Big Apple wins it in my heart out as my favorite out of all The Real Housewives franchises.

Maybe I’m biased because I live here and understand the mentality of these women more than most (and their friends and male counterparts as well). Maybe I get excited that I’ve reviewed several of the hotspots they have gone to over the years.

Maybe I appreciate the business side of these women and their tenacity to be more than just a pretty face at an event. Or maybe, just maybe, their brand of humor and in your face attitudes and personas make me love them so much that I wish I had my own tag line and was part of their crew. 

The show has been on for ten seasons now (10 freaking seasons, OMG), and it shows no signs of slowing down. The show has brought us some unique and colorful cast members along the way, many of which have come and gone and some who have been there since the show began. Who happen, however to be my 5 favorite Real Housewives of New York City… of all time? 

Take a look at who I think represented the city of Manhattan in the funniest and best way possible.

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5: Jill Zarin (Seasons 1-4)

I love Jill, because Jill, like me… is a woman from Long Island. Did she get the villain edit in season 3 and 4? Yes. Did she deserve it? Looking back, I don’t think so now that we know how tough life must have been with her late husband Bobby’s cancer battle. 

If you take those 2 seasons out, you are left with one of the funniest and most authentic and beloved OG Housewives out there… and she’s completely unapologetic about it. Plus her friendship with Bethenny remains one of the best of all the Real Housewives franchises. 

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4: Carole Radziwill (Seasons 5-10)

Carole joined Aviva Drescher and Heather Thompson as one of the three newbies in season 5 when the show went through a dramatic transformation cast wise. Carole is the only one to have stood the test of time and remain on the show, but she didn’t have to throw a prosthetic leg across the room in order to do that.

Carole has a past about her that is totally riveting given her Kennedy connections and her life as a journalist, yet she totally presents herself as a normal, down to earth lady who dates super hot guys and holds her ground amid all the usual “Housewives” chaos. Props to her for that.


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3: Dorinda Medley (Seasons 7-10)

Dorinda is a NEW YORKAHHHH… sound it out. She was and is a breath of fresh air after the whole Aviva debacle that left the show in a bit of panic in terms of the manic direction it was going. 

She’s been a pleasure to watch, even with all her ups and downs with her man John, and that scene in The Berkshires with her screaming “I MADE IT NICE” to all the other ladies is nothing short of legendary. 


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2: Ramona Singer (Seasons 1-10)

The only OG NYC housewife who has had an apple in her hand for every single season since it began. And what a wild ride she’s given us along the way.

Ramona may be one of the most original housewives the show has ever had. There’s so much about her that’s fascinating, but one thing for sure is that she seriously tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. She’s gone toe to toe so many times with everyone that she’s sort of become the Evander Holyfield of this franchise and the gloves continue to be on. It’s eternally “Turtle Time” in our books for one of our fave NYC ladies.


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1: Bethenny Frankel (Seasons 1-3, Seasons 7-10)

Maybe because I consider myself a business-minded person is the reason why I respect Bethenny so much. She literally is what everyone who comes to New York wants to be: someone who made it here and continues to do so.

When the show started, she was a simple girl who had a regular apartment and was just trying to survive like the rest of us. Now, she’s a major force in the entrepreneurial world as her Skinnygirl business continues to soar.

Does she really need to be on the show now? No. But she’s given some iconic and hilarious moments over the years that truly made her the “Greek Chorus” that Andy Cohen always referred her to. Mazel.

Do you agree with this list? Who is your favorite from the Real Housewives of New York City?


  1. I’d replace Sonja for Carole any day.

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