db Bistro Moderne
Credit; db Bistro Moderne

It’s hard to imagine living or visit New York City and not stopping by a Daniel Boulud property. The culinary legend has opened some of the most iconic locations in our lovely area, one of which is db Bistro Moderne, which resides in the heart of Midtown West. Here’s why you should stop by this weekend and beyond.

db Bistro Moderne, located on W. 44th Street between 5th and 6th avenue, happens to be surrounded by some of New York City’s most visited areas including Times Square and Grand Central (think of it as a midway point between the two). It’s a great place to escape to amid all the craziness in both points, as the location breaths an air of tranquility and calmness upon your first arrival.

The concept of db Bistro Moderne is pretty simple: modern French bistro with some New American touches. Where it goes beyond that simplicity is with every dish that the space makes, which myself and a friend got to experience recently and would like to go back over and over again as it really was that freaking good.

Credit: D. Krieger

The dinner menu there is short, sweet and cuts to the point. I prefer this over so many other locations where the food options are endless and can make someone (especially those who are picky) annoyed as there is too much to choose from.

There are two main items and a dessert that are an absolute must once you go there. One: their Wild Boar Agnolotti (pasta squares stuffed with a variety of fillings) with Market Squash, Fresh Ricotta, Huckleberry Jam is just absurdly creative and delicious ingredients sing really well with one another, in particular the jam and ricotta, which makes for such a pleasant option to indulge in.

Another that you should try upon arrival there is the Lamb Chop with Pommes Purée, Lobster Mushrooms, Asparagus and Rosemary Jus. This is a tad more common than the former dish, but makes up for it with the flavor that Daniel and co are able to get into that lamb chop and everything else. Yum.

For dessert, their Cafe Brulot with Bittersweet Chocolate Biscuit, Brandy Marshmallow, Praline Cremeux and Burnt Orange Ice Cream is a great way to finish off your meal. Those are all really strong, really different flavor profiles that are great to enjoy individually and together. The star has to be the ice cream, as I’ve never had that flavor and would love to experience it again if possible. Also, if you can’t make it in to the restaurant, you can always order db Bistro Moderne in from Caviar.

For more information on db Bistro Moderne, please check out their official website.