Credit: Maven

Maven is necessary for anyone who wants to get away from where they are for a little or long while. The company excels in providing a suite of gorgeous cars available at your disposal as opposed to going through the dreaded process of owning one, where you are left feeling refreshed and happy after finishing up your experience with them.

I experienced Maven for the first time this past weekend when I decided to do a day trip out of New York City and into Long Island. Instead of taking the train to Long Island and bothering my folks to drive me around or use an expensive car app, I ended up using Maven who was able to provide me with all my driving needs.

Maven Gig is an agnostic platform that allows gig drivers the freedom to switch between several brands, services and gigs, maximizing income potential. A Maven Gig driver could spend the morning rush hour picking up and dropping off passengers for a ridesharing company. During lunch and dinner, they could switch to food delivery. In the afternoon, perhaps the driver would deliver packages or groceries.

The app for Maven is pretty incredible and makes the entire process that much easier. For one, this is a company that is accessible in many U.S. cities outside of NYC. NYC happens to be perfect though for something like this, as the pick up and drop off method take a matter of seconds.

Here’s how you do it. Download the app and create a profile. You have to have a valid driver’s license in order to do this and a card on file for incidentals and what not.

You then have the option to choose from a variety of cars available as well as which lot in the city you are in to pick them up. You also can set the day and time in which you want to pick it up and drop off. Simple as that.

Maven helps members be there for the moments that matter most by offering vehicles loaded with technology that are available for hourly or daily reservations.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances the car will be ready 8 minutes before the desired pick up time. It is important for you to have a full battery on your phone or a charger handy as most of what you will be doing with the car you are renting is with the app. The app allows you to lock and unlock the car as well as a variety of other amenities that will help you with your driving experience.

The car that I rented, a Chevy Equinox, came clean as a whistle both inside and out. You also have OnStar help available for you during your drive as well as other fantastic functions that will make your trip that much easier.

Pricing for cars with Maven is pretty fabulous, as they range as low as $8 an hour. This really is a great service that anyone should try if they are looking for an elevated experience that puts you literally in the front of a thrilling vehicle for a great time ahead.

For more information on Maven, please check out their official website.