Sushi Lab
Credit: Sushi Lab

Want to try something fresh, innovative and new? Sushi Lab, located inside the gorgeous Sanctuary Hotel, offers its popular Japanese delicacy with a twist that is nothing short of absolutely delicious.

Sushi Lab already has the benefit of being inside one of the best hotels in the city. Located in Midtown West, both the restaurant and Sanctuary provide its guests with a one of a kind experience that transports you from the busy streets of Manhattan into a very calming and relaxing environment.

Credit: Sushi Lab

There isn’t much to Sushi Lab when it comes to its size. It is situated to the right of The Sanctuary Hotel’s entrance, where you’ll find a bar type setting and a couple of seats next to it. Their capacity only seats 18… so try to make a reservation days in advance as everything you will have will be worth it.

Sushi Lab offers guests a creative spin on traditional sushi. In addition to serving Nigiri, Sashimi, Maki and other Japanese delights for lunch and dinner, a signature Omakase menu is also curated utilizing the freshest seasonal ingredients.

They also have items for people who are in a bit of a rush like their 3 for $20 hand roll option that is prepared right in front of you by their bevy of talented chefs.

Credit: Sushi Lab

I tried their Scallop (seared, truffle mushroom), Tuna (marinated tartare) and Crab (Baked, Golden Tobiko) hand rolls and was blown away by the amount of flavor they were able to get inside. What’s even better is that you aren’t jonesing for the soy sauce while eating each roll (a normal add on for most people chowing down on their sushi). The ingredients truly speak for themselves.

Sushi Lab also provides its guests with a bevy of sushi and sashimi options that are tasty from first bite to last. Essentially you can order a bunch of items during your time there and still not be filled up but are satisfied with each dish you devour.

Credit: Sushi Lab

Their concept and execution is pretty simple. Tasty sushi options inside a chic and sophisticated place that screams New York City 101. Definitely a spot I recommend trying in the upcoming days.

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