National Taco Day
Credit: Casa Del Toro

National Taco Day has arrived! A delicacy that we enjoy all year round actually has its own special holiday. Casa Del Toro, a delicious hotspot located right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, is going above and beyond to ensure you celebrate it in the most tasty of ways.

Who doesn’t love a taco? Seriously you need to reevaluate your life if you take any issue with this wonderful menu item that can be put together in so many incredible ways. Casa Del Toro’s tacos are some of the best in New York City as the flavor profile in each of them are on a whole other level.

More on that later. It is, as we said before, National Taco Day, and they have something amazing planned for anyone who stops by their nightly celebration that begins at 5:00pm EST.

Wait for it, here we go. Casa Del Toro is offering FREE TACOS! I’m already crying thinking about how wonderful this is. Customers will receive their choice of a Tinga de Pollo (braised chicken, avocado and onion) or Frijoles Negro taco (slow-cooked black beans, queso cotija, guacamole, arugula). I’ve had both and they are nothing short of freaking delicious.

If you have plans and can’t make it past 5PM… don’t worry! Casa Del Toro will also be selling other varieties of tacos for $3 all day. All of them, I repeat, all of them are heavenly, but there are some standouts that make my mouth water almost a week after my most recent visit there.

Definitely try their Al Pastor (Marinated roast pork, cilantro, onions, pineapple). I’m a sucker for pineapple and it works wonderfully with how deelish everything else is. If you are feeling a little more turf than surf then their Pescado (Marinated cod a la plancha, cabbage slaw) will do the trick. And these are only $3 a pop. $3! Get there ASAP.

For more information on Casa Del Toro please check out their official website here.