Gray Hawk Grill
Credit: Gray Hawk Grill

Gray Hawk Grill’s elegant appearance, fantastic dishes and so much more make this spot a welcomed addition to the Upper East Side.

The UES to me still feels like an area that doesn’t get enough recognition for the culinary talent that lies within it. Each avenue is filled with so many amazing places that focus on a bunch of wonderful cuisines which will leave you belly full and your face smiling.

Credit: Gray Hawk Grill

Gray Hawk Grill was just added to that list as their space opened earlier this month. They join a bevy of other hotspots that have been able to welcome customers for the first time months after COVID took over our world (as a reminder please be safe while dining out).

As a food writer who has written about hundreds of restaurants it makes me blissfully happy to see this sort of thing happening even though we are still in the midst of this pandemic. So I strapped my face mask on and headed cross town to see just how amazing Gray Hawk Grill is with a friend of mine on Thanksgiving Eve.

Credit: Gray Hawk Grill

They did not disappoint. Everything from the decor to the service to the food was top notch. I went there practically starving and am so glad that I did as the multitude of dishes they provided were amazing and then some.

It has such a fun vibe to it with its soft colors (noticeably gray of course to fit in with its names) seen throughout. Also its executive chef, Anthony DiCocco, isn’t so bad on the eyes if you see him venture out on the floor while cooking up a storm.

Credit: Gray Hawk Grill

The food is spectacular. Anthony and co provide robust and flavor-forward dishes that are the definition of the word yummy. Standouts that we had include their Cacio E Pepe, Scottish Salmon (with seasoned vegetables) and Grilled Shrimp Salad with all the fixings. Classic options from each that are prepared wonderfully and will no doubt leave you happy upon your exit.

For more information on Gray Hawk Grill please click here.

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