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The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are two of New York City’s most cherished landmarks. So wouldn’t it be incredible to experience these areas on something absolutely fabulous to kick the New Year off? Statue Cruises to the rescue!

Facts are facts people: there is still fun to be had in The Big Apple amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Statue Cruises is a great example of that as they want you to take in as much of our fabulous city as possible in the safest of manners.

Lower Manhattan alone is a stunning place to be. It’s here where Statue Cruises operate as they take you around on an official downtown experience that is breathtaking and beautiful to witness.

I got to enjoy Statue Cruises firsthand before the New Year began and I cannot wait to try it again. We sailed out on a gorgeous NYC day and witnessed The Statue of Liberty in all her glory while myself and everyone around me masked up and stayed socially distant from one another in order to meet the COVID-19 rules of today.

That didn’t damper anything as this is something I prefer to go solo on as I didn’t have any distractions from the amazing views I saw that day. They also provide access to The Statue Of Liberty’s Pedestal and Museum on some of their trips as well as a Hard Hat tour of Ellis Island for any of you history buffs that enjoy not only the sights but a vibrant background on both. And yes, audio tours are part of it all so you can get a better understanding of everything amid the fabulous ride you’re on.

What’s even better is that Statue Cruises’ prices won’t break the bank. An average adult ticket is around $20 where the dollar amount is stretched thanks to all the fantastic things you are doing while out and about.

So if you’re in NYC and are interested in partaking in something out of the ordinary this weekend and beyond then Statue Cruises is something you should definitely look into.

More information on Statue Cruises can be found here.

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