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We first visited Jacob’s Pickles nearly eight years ago. It remains one of the best places Manhattan Digest has ever reviewed all this time later for so many delectable reasons that you should know more about.

There’s something about Jacob’s Pickles that sets itself apart from the pack. It’s a little taste of heaven for anyone who is from the south or has visited there as the dishes they provide transport you from the crowded subways of NYC where people ignore each other to the blissfully happy towns with locals constantly saying, “Hey y’all”, to everyone that passes them by.

Credit: Jacob’s Pickles

It’s one of the few spots that have kept their doors open for years upon years in the Upper West Side, even during the rough COVID months that continue to this day.

Luckily they’ve set up a fabulous opening dining space that was (safely) filled with several happy customers when a friend joined me to dine there this past Saturday evening.

Something Jacob’s Pickles prides itself on is southern comfort food. Which is the equivalent to the most delicious culinary comfort hug you can get and honey, I received several of them during my time there.

Credit: Jacob’s Pickles

It wasn’t a shock to me though as I’ve been bragging about Jacob’s Pickles for nearly a decade now. I named it one of my 10 best restaurants I’ve ever been to for Manhattan Digest in 2016. Nothing has changed since.

The flavor and execution of the dishes they create are simply remarkable. Yes, they are quite filling as this is comfort food, but the delightful journey to your belly being filled is one you’ll want to be on.

First, get some freaking pickles. They are prepared in Mason Jars (my all-time favorite jar) and are the perfect combination of pungent and scrumptious. I recommend their Special Sours, Sweet & Spicy Carrots and Big Dill Kosher Cukes as a great way to start your meal and a side dish for anything else you order.

Credit: Jacob’s Pickles

Next, biscuits. Biscuits are a southern staple and an option you must order when there. Get a bag of them (4 each) with delicious preserves for spreading including their Salted Butter and Marmalade Jam. Best of luck not getting crumbs on yourself as you inhale each.

The rest of the menu is equally bomb. It’s set up in different categories from Salads to Mac & Cheese to Home Cooking. They also have a section for Southern Biscuit Sandwiches which brings me to the following menu option for you to devour.

Their Southern B.L.T. is simply divine. It comes with buttermilk friend chicken, fried green tomatoes, pickle slaw, picnic juice and bacon. Honestly if you don’t like this then you need to get your head checked as everything melded together is like one big “OMFG” in your mouth.

Something equally as hearty and tasty is their Low Country Meatloaf. They prepare this in a sweet and smoky way with whipped potatoes, fried onions and coleslaw, making it a wonderful dish from first bite to last.

Credit: Jacob’s Pickles

Other stand outs that we enjoyed that night included their Deviled Egg’s and Buffalo Mac & Cheese with a blue cheese drizzle. I don’t drink but they do have an impressive list of wine, beer and whiskey options to choose from.

Jacob’s Pickles is definitely a place you’ll want to check out this weekend and beyond for all the reasons listed above plus whatever you experience for yourself while there. And please don’t forget: support businesses like these while indoor dining remains closed folks.

For more information on Jacob’s Pickles, click here.

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