Hello fellow fashion lovers.  My name is Jessica and I am an online shopping addict. Well kind of, my new obsession this year is online shopping.  With so many apps for your phone and shopping websites it’s easy to “ball on a budget.”  I decided I should share some of my favorite online shopping finds with all of you.

Shopping Online

First of all, my favorite iPhone app for shopping is WANELO.  It is free to download and displays pictures of trending items daily.  It’s kind of like Pinterest (another addicting iPhone app) but you actually get to buy the amazing finds.  Prices on WANELO items vary because they are posted off of many shopping sites.  But if you are determined you can weed out the bargain buys.

 Recently my preferred place to do my online shopping is www.Amazon.comAmazon has EVERYTHING!  I always thought Amazon was just books, but I just discovered the array of products you can purchase on the website.  I bought most of my Christmas presents from Amazon.com, everything from jewelry to clothing to toys for my brother.  Amazon offers free shipping and most orders ship immediately and get to you quickly.  My most current buy was a teeth whitening gel and UV light.  I will let you know how white my teeth get.

 Another incredible online shopping site is www.Storenvy.comStorenvy is like the Wanelo app, on the iPhone, except it is online and everything on there is reasonably priced.  The goods on Storenvy are from merchants around the world, so the selection is considerable and the fashions are unique.  Storenvy exhibits products for women, men, and babies.  They also market art, media, and tech gadgets.  I have bought numerous items I discovered on Storenvy and have no grievances.  Although the delivery time can be pretty long when you purchase from out of the country, the products have all been perfect!

 To end with, my latest discovery is www.Tidestore.com.  Because most of the items are sold as wholesale items TIDESTORE is an online clothing store that can sell clothes at inexpensive and affordable prices.  Some of the items must be purchased in large quantities but most do not.  This is one more site with clothing from around the world.  I recently received an oversized gray, turn down collar, hoodie and am absolutely in hoodie heaven.  Thus far, Tidestore.com has met all of my online shopping needs and desires.

 My online shopping addiction has not caused any negative repercussions, yet, and because of the aforementioned apps and websites, has not made a huge dent in my bank account.  I recently gained weight and shopping for new clothes, which fit and look good, has helped me accept my new shape.  I hope you guys got something from this and feel free to comment any sites I haven’t tried or your feedback with the ones I mentioned.