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Credit: Frederick Kerney at Nasty Pig

If you live in New York City or are visiting, there is always the option to go to a variety of amazing clothing stores, both ones on a national level and ones that are local to the greatest city in the world.  As great as the national ones are (and not so great) there happens to be one particular store located in the heart of Chelsea that gets it in many ways.  What do I mean by it?  Eye-catching, edgy, fashion-forward and above all customer service at its best.  I am talking about none other than Nasty Pig, which is celebrating its 20th year in business next year.

I started going to this store roughly two years ago when I moved back to New York City from Rhode Island where I went to college.  The store is moderately sized yet at the same time doesn’t need to be huge and have a zillion signs to get people to buy their stuff.  It speaks for itself with the decor and amazing fashions that they have.  I call it “kink meets edgy” because a lot of their clothing can work in a variety of venues yet still have a unique edge to it.  They have a fantastic use of color and the pattern work is truly amazing.


The clothing ranges from the norm such a t-shirts, pants, sweaters, etc but it can go into a completely different realm with a variety of jockstraps and rubber gear as well.  If you are local to NYC and happen to be going to, oh let’s say Boxers or Gymbar, they will have you covered.  At the same time, if you are going to a particular night at the Eagle, they have stuff for that too.  It really is versatile and have great pricing at the same time.

Overall, especially coming from someone who worked in customer service for 3 billion years, this store tops in in terms of that aspect.  When people think of Chelsea, something that always comes to mind is bad attitudes amongst gay men, which happens to be true to a certain extent.  Not in this situation.  You are always greeted when you walk through the door and they are always willing to make that extra step and help you out.  Go see guys like Jay and Chris for example.  You won’t be let down.

Credit goes to Frederick Kerney at Nasty Pig
Credit goes to Frederick Kerney at Nasty Pig

Dave Hughes, the VP of Marketing and Public Relations at Nasty Pig, had this to say about 2013-  “In 2013 Nasty Pig has big plans to keep the serious growth we’ve experienced in the last two years going. At our NYC flagship we’re going to continue to offer our popular Choice Cuts limited edition items, and this year the line will expand to include hyper-limited-edition swimwear; we know that Nasty Pigs all over enjoy their time at the beach, so our swimwear program will also be extended to our wholesale accounts and website customers. Without getting too deep into the details, this spring we will partner with a major NYC-based LGBTQ charity on a project that we hope will raise a lot of money and a lot of awareness for some of our community’s most at-risk members. Additionally, we’re going to follow up the successful launch of our #iamNASTYPIG campaign with new video content throughout the year. And of course we’ll keep releasing plenty of hot gear that gets our customers laid, including our largest Spring/Summer collection ever and plenty of hot new underwear.”

So as stated before, if you are local to the NYC area, go and check it out.  If you happen to be far, go on the site.  You will not be disappointed.

Nasty Pig

265A West 19th Street

New York City, NY 10011

(212) 691-6067



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  2. LOL Kristian aging yourself? We should go together sometime!

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