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Beyond grateful to the “Modern Bear” folks who posted my first article and got quite a healthy discussion about the bear community out there. I am very happy with the responses that it got, both negative and positive, because to me this has been a forum that I have wanted to open for a long time and now it has.  So thank you to everyone in your comments and critiques (except the one who called me a Kindergartener.  26 with two college degrees here and started my own site with no one else’s help.  Yup.)

I don’t really think people understood what I was trying to convey in the first article so let me change up a couple of things that I wrote in the first place.  One- I have a great appreciation for all types in the gay community.  The “muscle bear” comment was mainly an observation of a great amount of guys I see in the New York City area.  They aren’t all like that, but a good portion that I see are.  I was told that I should try communities outside of the NYC playing field that aren’t on such a larger scale, and in that response I have.  I lived in Providence for five years and that has taught me that communities in smaller towns tend to be less jaded and more outgoing and friendly.  You can take what you want from what I just said there, but please note that this is just from my viewpoint.  We all have different ones.

The other factor here is the origins of the bear community. I have done my researched and watched documentaries on them as well.  That is how I gathered information to write the article that I did.  I think the bottom line is people are so hell bent on figuring out what their label is that they forget who they are in the process.  It is like that scene in “Mean Girls” where the lunch room table is mapped out as to who sits where.  It is very similar in the gay community.  We should all just be ourselves and get along with each other so these raging hypocrisies and stereotypes can settle down a little bit.

I am more than welcomed to one or two people writing a rebuttal on this.  Once again thanks to everyone that let their voices be heard and spoke their minds on this.


  1. I believe you have reached the right conclusions. Good for you! (Oprah style – no sarcasm intended)

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