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I have had my fair share of stating how I feel about not only Chris Brown but Rihanna in the past couple of years, and when I heard all over the news this morning from The Wendy Williams Show to Newsday to E! that they had broken up yet again so Rihanna can focus on business opportunities I literally LOL’d.  Here comes my rant about how I feel about these two, so buckle down everyone.

I have said this before and I will say it again, I DON’T GET HOW CHRIS BROWN IS STILL RELEVANT.  How in gods name is a man who brutally and viciously beat the living hell out of a woman still celebrated, awarded and adored by millions of people who can blindly look past what he did? On top of that, he’s a wannabe thug who has gotten into so many altercations with people who actually merit respect and should be celebrated for their talent (Miranda Lambert, Frank Ocean, Robin Roberts).  So once again, like Aubrey O’Day on Rupaul’s Drag Race this year, what is their appeal?

What is his appeal exactly? Can someone explain it to me? He wins the Grammy last year for Best R&B Album for an album that was all synth and nothing R&B.  He won because The Grammy’s wanted to stir commotion and get viewers, so I get that.  When every other person winning an award that night and getting standing ovations up the wazoo and people are barely clapping for you, how do you take that? When are you actually going to wake up and realize all of these childish, petty things you have done since you beat her up still don’t warrant a real apology or anything of the sort? I don’t get it.

As for her, I have my own personal feelings.  She has her own issues with press I get it, but beyond that I really just can’t stand her attitude throughout all of this.  If someone had beat up my sister and then tried to get back together with her, it wouldn’t happen.  Doesn’t she have anyone around her telling her this isn’t right? A good girlfriend, family, SOMEONE.  I mean I know she is grown and all, but the fact that no one seemed to stop this from happening over and over again really says something.  And the fact that she really is “unapologetic” really says a lot about her character and how she really doesn’t want to be viewed as a role model no matter what.

This is just my gist on how I feel.  Everyone is different, but quite frankly it bothers me that this continues to be headline news.  It shouldn’t be.  There are bigger things in the world to deal with than the modern day Ike and Tina continuously breaking up and getting back together for nonsense reasons.  That’s it.