Credit to LOGO TV
Credit to LOGO TV

Coco’s super excited that Alyssa’s gone. She feels a weight is off her shoulder and Jinkx asks “Are you making another fat joke?” Everyone points out that Jinkx has won two challenges and people are starting to eye her. Roxxxy wants Jinkx out.

She-Mail. Something about the Golden Shower Rule and even though I know the theme, I’m not sure what this is. Ru comes in and talks about Drag Boot-y Camp. The girls are given camo stuff and bras and need to get ready to work out. Some random hawt trainer from Barry’s Boot Camp (Hi Joe!) comes in and whips the dolls into shape. Alaska wins! The trainer says see you at the gym, and leaves before Detox can say “not really.” Ru calls in the guests for the next challenge, and they’re gay marines. The challenge is to bring them into the drag queens personal houses. Alaska, as the winner, gets to pair them off. Roxxxy hates this as she’s not given the pretty Bel Ami one, who’s claimed by Alaska.

Jinkx, who’s gotten the oldest guy chit chat. Apparently, he knew Judy which means that Jinkx is in gay heaven. Detox is totally hitting on his marine, who it turns out can totally twerk it in heels before Detox tells him to get naked. Roxxxy marine, on the other hand, can’t, but seems to like the wig. Coco is teaching his gworl to walk, as well. Alaska’s on the floor making hip pads, while his marine is crouching over him, in drag. Alaska works with him on his walk and it’s not cute.

Ru comes in. Jinkx plans on a Judy and Liza number and Dave admits that he told Judy about these new sleeping pills and might have led to her death. Ru is speechless. Alaska’s guy looks flawless, but his walk is terrible. Detox’s marine ends up being incredibly queeny. Coco’s guy admits that he joined the army to try and beat the gay out of himself. Ru brings up Coco’s being horrible last week, which Coco doesn’t like. Izzy, Roxxxy’s guy, isn’t up to date with the lingo. Our guest judges are Clinton Kelly and George whatever his name is from Fashion Police. The teams are told to do a color guard presentation.

Detox’ marine loves the heels and the flag. Coco’s guy is pained by his heels. Jinkx has her man try on all the shoes, and he admits that he’s HIV positive and has had leg problems. Jinkx cries and sees this as something to overcome. Roxxxy’s guy is padded and nervous.

The next day, Roxxxy has to shave Izzy while making comments about hair. Of course you would hate men with hair, Miss Thang. Coco says that she’s all make-up and no talent, which Roxxxy takes offense at. Detox makes a few Tang jokes. Jinkx and Steve talk about his coming out and eventual discharge. Detox tells her story about getting into a car crash and have her face jacked. There are tucking lessons and Coco talks about “long processes.”

Mainstage! Clinton Kelly’s had work done and his eyes have disappeared! George is looking adorable! We see quick clips of the girls and their mens and most look rather off. For the mainstage, Jinkx and Steve are doing Gypsy and Madam Rose-esque routines. Roxxxy and Izzabella are wearing the same outfit and it works. Alaska and Nebraska come out with Lady Bunny hair and cat suits, looking like Patty Hearst. Detox and Beth Adone are striped. Coco and her man come out and it’s just a mess. He looks like he’s been cut.

Jinkx. Both he and his drag daughter were in synch with the choreography. The styling was good, even if his marine was aged up. The flag routine was a bit ugh.

Roxxxy. Izzy can give Santino a mustache ride. They both have the same ass. It was well rehearsed and the padding didn’t look like padding.

Alaska. Nebraska was uncomfortable at first and the routine wasn’t very good. The pads were awful. The transformation was weak.

Detox. The judges question her taste level and it was a bad performance.

Coco. Looks like she’s never done someone else’s hair and make-up. Coco takes offense to getting critiqued. Michelle says Coco would never allow herself to go out with that make up on and Santino begs to differ.

We get an inspiring speech from Ru. Roxxxy wins some American apparel crap. HA! It’s Coco vs. Detox and they’re doing Seduction’s It Takes Two (Seduction was Visage’s girl group). Coco’s too jumpy and Michelle is singing along. Detox stays. Coco sashays away.

Next time, Jinkx cries and there’s something about candy!!!