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Credit to: Huffington Post


Every season lately I go into Big Brother thinking it will be somewhat reminiscent of the older seasons, when real fans of the show were picked and not aspiring actors/models/douchebags and people voted on who THEY wanted out and not vote in a group consensus which equals to being a complete coward.  This season was quite possibly the worst season of BB with the exception of the oft forgotten Season 9 (You know how the guy that won ran into a zillion drug problems with the law and another guy went to jail for beating up his pregnant girlfriend.   Keep it classy).  Even with the cast being as bad as it was, this season had so many problems from the get go that even an avid BB fan that i am didn’t really watch it in the beginning.  I started truly watching when Aryan, oh wait I’m sorry Aaryn, received a ton of media attention for her lovely racist ways and it brought me back to see what had really developed on the show.  Since that time, I have been watching it non stop and have come to several conclusions on what went wrong with this season, and ultimately how each houseguest performed in their stay.  Here is how I viewed things-

MVP Epic Fail- When Julie Chen announced the first twist on her show “The Talk”, I really thought it was an innovative way to keep this show fresh and new.  That was, until I saw that Elissa was a part of this cast and had the feeling that because of the whole “Brenchel” army thing that she was going to get the MVP every week.  It was very frustrating because there were so many ways that they could’ve made this MVP thing more fun.  For instance- take the top 3 America voted that week and then have the houseguests themselves vote on who the MVP would be.  America/the producers tend to rig things so if the houseguests voted that would make the paranoia, alliances and everything else that much more on a heightened level and therefore enjoyable.  But all we saw was Elissa be in control and then Amanda be on the block every week because America despised her/Aaryn wasn’t eligible.

16 PEOPLE!!- I’m all for a bigger cast each year, but 16 became kind of a bit much.  Plus this was an extended season so the usual 70-75 days they spend in the BB house became 90 days.  It just felt like it went on for a while and because there weren’t that many likable people in the game it just felt like it dragged on (and still feels like that).  When the four jury members came back into the game that one night, I was like- JESUS were are 70 days into this game and there are still like 11 people in the house.  WTF.   It just became exasperating and that is that.

Now onto how each player in eviction order-

David Girton - Big Brother 15

David- You were the a typical “asshat” lifeguard who only came on the show to have a showmance with the racist.  As Andy lovely put it, “You Won A Hamburger”.  That’s all you put into this game.  BAI.

Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15

Nick- Nick was really one of the only likable contestants I saw in the beginning, but Elissa made a very smart move in nominating him as MVP and then Helen doing all the work to get him out.  As I’ve said recently regarding GM- run for the mother fucking hills dude.

Jeremy McGuire - Big Brother 15

Jeremy- Winegate.  Rubbing your ass on other people’s clothes.  Homophobia.  Sexism.  Putting people down.  That’s all you, brah.  What a great guy you are.

Kaitlin Barnaby - Big Brother 15

Kaitlin- Kaitlin at that point was viewed as the strongest of the “Mean Girls” alliance and the house was smart for getting her out.  Looking back it should’ve been Aaryn that week due to that in the weeks after she became a beast of a competitor, but Kaitlin was the smart choice and she could’ve gone the distance I believe had she stayed.

Howard Overby - Big Brother 15

Howard-  I loved Howard for so many reasons besides the fact that he is beyond sexy.  He was a true gentleman in the game and never raised his voice when he had ample opportunities to do so in regards to the insane racism that so many other things that happened.  He protected Candice and was just an all around good guy.  The problem he had was his physical stature and his lie to Helen regarding that ridiculous alliance he had in the beginning of the game.  I hope he gets to play again in future seasons because I really think he wasn’t given a fair shot.

Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15

Candice-  My boo.  Although she got a little bat shit cray cray in the house, I really loved Candice because she was an expressive individual that unfortunately played with her emotions too much in this game and that is why she left.  She was really smart as to be the first one in the house to try to get Amanda out but unfortunately it was to no avail.  I think she is one of the only wildcard votes in the jury house also.

Jessie Kowalski - Big Brother 15

Jessie- Put it this way-  sweet girl but had no power whatsoever in the game to do anything as she was always in the bottom end of the totem pole in both alliances she was in.

Helen Kim - Big Brother 15

Helen- From week 2 I had Helen truly making the distance in this game.  She reminded me of a lot of people that won this game in past years from Maggie to Dan in that she had a firm grip on her alliance and was a great leader that people listened to.  She had one big problem- Andy, who I believe was the reason for her demise, not Amanda.  Him swaying to the 4AM Alliance really helped him out for a while and that side was able to get out a truly great competitor.  If they do All Stars again, I hope she is someone considered.

Aaryn Gries - Big Brother

Aaryn- BOY OH BOY I CAN’T WAIT FOR WEDNESDAY!  Why?  For so many reasons.  This is where I truly hope CBS gets really smart and shows EVERYTHING SHE SAID so that she can get a better idea of how much of a disgusting, vile piece of shit that she truly is.  No, your mother can’t even help you out in this one girl.  You did this yourself.  As awesome as that eviction interview that Ms. Chen did it didn’t even scratch the mark in terms of all the nasty and putrid things you said in the game.  Good luck in the future Aaryn with anything, you are royally screwed for life and if you would’ve just kept your damn mouth shut and faked it in this game we would’ve rooted for you because you were a badass competitor.  Stupid.

Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15

Amanda- You are a scary girl.  They gave you an amazing edit almost to the end but for everyone who watched the live feeds and saw who you really were really is why you were the one on the block every week thanks to MVP.  Amanda really was a smart cookie in the game as she controlled a good amount of the evictions until Elissa won HOH and that’s when everything crumbled and her power was no more.  I give GM a ton of credit for putting her McRanda on the block and sending her out of the game as she would’ve been a tough one to beat in the end.  She is a mixture of Dr. Will in terms of gameplay and Evil Dick in terms of mouthiness.  Yikes.


Elissa Slater - Big Brother 15

Elissa- So boring and forgetful I forgot to even include you in the original posting of this article.  Wow.  You played this game as such a polar opposite of Rachel in terms of how quiet and non-confrontational you were.  That is all in fine, as Rachel got quite annoying in the game sometimes, but it took you almost 60 days to win a damn competition and do things.  I do have to admit that you were pretty smart when it came to putting up the right people when you were MVP (David, Nick) but besides that you were just a wallflower that really wasn’t going to garner any votes in the end.  Sorry/Not Sorry.


Judd Daughtery - Big Brother 15

Judd- The Stud?  Judd played a really great game originally and if Helen were to look back on things she would’ve convinced Aaryn to either A- keep the nominations of Spencer/Jessie the same, or B- get Amanda out that night.  She went after the wrong person.  As happy as I was for Judd to come back into the game, he really didn’t do much game play upon his arrival except for the whole “Exterminators” deal.  The fellow 3 exterminators were smart to get rid of him yet I do wonder if he would’ve garnered any votes in the end of the game based off the idea that he got a 2nd chance to play.

McCrae Olson - Big Brother 15

McCrae- I had such high hopes for this guy originally in this game.  He had the chance to be that Dan, Ian or Dr. Will and he blew it by hiding in Amanda’s panties the entire summer.  Seriously.  He won the first HOH and then after that had Amanda do all the dirty work while he slept all summer and didn’t socialize.  The only vote he would’ve gotten in the end was Amanda’s, that’s it.  He only has himself to blame for this one.

As for the remaining three, I will save that for a later article detailing who has the best chance to win in this game and ultimately how I think they made it to the end of the game. Needless to say, this wasn’t a good season of Big Brother at all and I hope in future seasons that the producers learn from their mistakes and just cast FANS of this game and not you know, racists.  Check out the finale this Wednesday night at 9:30 pm Eastern on CBS.



  1. As someone who watched the feeds all summer, this is 100% dead-on accurate. I completely agree.

  2. Uhhhh, you totally forgot (?) Elissa…. Hmmm.

  3. What about Elissa?

  4. Yeah, Ryan…whatcha got to say about Elissa?? Inquiring wanna know! 🙂 Kudos for the write up…appreciate your insights and wit!

  5. I completely agree with you. Great job. U did forget Elisha though. 😉

    • Thank you! Elissa is included now! I feel bad 🙁

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