DiMi Marc closes out strong with Trap’d Soul’s Tune

To be ambitious is one thing, but to go to that level and succeed on all points in what you are trying to achieve is damn  near impossible, especially in the music game.  Well DiMi Marc has done that and then some.  After reviewing his first two mixtapes released in the past month I was eager to finish the trifecta with his third release, “Trap’d Soul’s Tune”.  This one is the most inspiring of the three, the main focus would be keeping yourself motivated when a lot of outside noise seems to keep you down.  What DiMi accomplished with the other two mixtapes he continues to do on this one and then some.  Check out each song below and my review to go along with.  Overall, just like the previous ones, this gets a 9/10 in my book.  “Trap’d Soul’s Tune” is a great way to finish something that DiMi Marc already accomplished.  Check it out.

Souls-  Great introductory track with a unique relaxed beat. Reminds me a bit of “Hold On We’re Going Home” in the beginning then it gets hard towards the middle of the song. Good stuff.

Free Spirit-  I think what makes this song so great is not the beats but the lyricism involved. It basically details the desire to be free and do whatever you want but your dreams and determination put you into that “Trap’d Soul” kind of mentality that you can’t get out of but want to stay in. Definitely one to listen to.

Factory-  Reminiscent of what a lot of people think of the industry, “Factory” details how DiMi thinks how a lot of these people are factory based and not real in what they are doing, quite the contrary to what he is putting out. Just like “Free Spirit” this song has a great message worthy of a listen or two.

Wings-  80’s throwback in my opinion with the opening beats. I find that more than the other mixtapes that this one has a lot to do with reaching for your dreams and dealing with the road blocks along the way. This one details it the best out of the entire mixtape.

Level Up-  The R&B on this is so freaking smooth and silky from Father Dude and makes me miss 90’s R&B more than ever. Beat wise this is the best on the mixtape, and the contrast between rapping and singing really blend well to make this song that much more elevated.

Critics-  This mixtape for the most part has been mellow with it’s beat but this is probably the most turnt up song off of the whole damn thing. That is quite the change from the previous track but a good one in that it’s just another damn good one. Fuck your haters- it’s that simple with this song.

Masked-  The song details how one goes through life with their guard up and the pain one can experience in their lives that they don’t let other people see. Not my favorite track off the mixtape but another good one in my books.

Amadeus- Love the slow piano in the beginning of this track. It’s a water down version of being turnt up with Amadeus, kind of the song you bob your head to while having a drink in your head. Love the skip beat in the chorus with his smooth vocals on this track.

Voice In The Wind-  I would say of all the tracks on here lyrically and flow wise this is where DiMi goes the hardest, even with a calming beat in the background. Besides “Level Up” this is my favorite track and one you should listen to.

Love 4 You- Great way to end this trilogy, detailing all the love he’s got for the people that affect DiMi. Like a personal dedication page you use to see in an CD sleeve, but sung with a great beat.

I would recommend using all three mixtapes for whatever mood you are in.  Going through turmoil in your love life?  Try Trap’d Soul’s Love.  Want to get turnt the fuck up on the dance floor with you and your friends?  Go for Trap’d Soul’s Will.  Want a good mix of both and then some?  Trap’d Soul’s Tune is all for you.  Bottom line, DiMi Marc will make fulfill your ear fantasies with whatever sound you are looking for at that moment.  Check out the link to all three and be on the lookout for big things in the future for this talented dude.