The 2015 Hookie Awards went down this past Friday night at BPM inside The Out Hotel on 42nd Street.  It is true in some cases when you say third time’s a charm, and seeing as this was my third Hookie award show that I went to I can truly say that this was the case as this one I had the most fun at.  Probably because I have interviewed most of these intelligent and sexy men, and knew what I was getting myself into (puns galore).  Regardless of the fact that the shitty weather was keeping us from half naked men and water cooler awards like Best Cock and Best Boyfriend Fantasy, the room was packed to see the who’s who in the Rentboy world as well as some bonus amenities that I will get to later.  This event was also live streamed for this first time on the web so you could enjoy the debauchery and excitement at home in your boxers with those sticky stains on them. Ew.

Hookie Awards, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Fahrenheit NYC Photography

I started off my evening before the show at a pre-party with some of my favorite guys in the industry like Neil AKA Erotic HypnoJesse Jackman and Dirk Caber as well as a new friend that I met, Duncan Black.  I also got to hang with my Buffboyz buddy Jeffrey Watchman who let me in on some pretty awesome news that I will be writing about soon (think naked guys.  Wait, this article already makes you think about that.  Just look at Jeffrey’s photos for reference and stay tuned).   After the pre-party we waltzed into the show itself where I hung out with my new favorite person (and fellow chicken finger lover) Dewitt from Manhunt who is just as cute in real life as he is in his photos.  His shorts he was wearing left little to the imagination, which would’ve been a disappointment if he wore more.  The award show itself was hosted by Rupaul’s Drag Race legend Alaska Thunderfuck and by comedian Brad Loekle, who pretty much stated throughout the award show that he is a grateful size queen who would bottom for the majority of the audience with a smile on his face.  The reference he made about Boomer Bank’s huge cock and Dora The Explorer was probably the funniest joke of the night.  Kudos to him.  Alaska seemed to be feeling her oats for the most part however I thought her jokes could’ve been a little bit better as Brad seemed to be carrying the entire show.  Needless to say they both did a great job in keeping the event going seamlessly and in a timely fashion.

Manhattan Digest, Boomer Banks, The Hookies, Rocco Steele
Credit to: Jeff Eason

Onto the winners.  I love Rocco Steele as he has been a great friend of mine for almost a year now.  The fact that he even doubted winning Mister International 2015 was something that I giggled at as this was his Julianne Moore “Still Alice” moment.  He was a shoo-in from the moment he was nominated so naturally I was ecstatic that he won that and another pivotal award… Best Cock.  2015 really was his year and the fact that he continues to be humble in a community that has a bit of arrogance is really what makes him such an incredibly awesome person.  I am beyond proud of him for what he has done since I first interviewed him last July.

Boomer Banks, Manhattan Digest, The Hookies
Credit to: Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks won a unique award that Rentboy presents for Best Style, which didn’t seem like much of a stretch as I have seen his get ups in person as they are quite spectacular.  He should’ve won for Best Pornstar or tied that with Rocco, but it is what it is.  Something that I was quite happy to see this year as I am a bear/cub was that the people who won this year (tie) actually represent that community.  The winners were Ted Byrns & Will Foster, and I couldn’t be happier that they represented us at The Hookies.  Totally rad.  Whereas I didn’t agree with some of the winners at the actual event (not naming names here but I did shake my head a couple of times) the ones that did win were genuinely happy and that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.

Manhattan Digest, The Hookies, Stoya
Credit to: Jeff Eason

Side notes from the event:

I felt like I was one of the few people who actually knew who Stoya was.  She is one of the biggest female performers out there, drop dead gorgeous and I loved that someone from her realm of porn was repping for the gays at ours.

Ryan Shea, Colby Jansen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Me

The biggest shock of the evening wasn’t exactly the winners or anything that happened on stage.  It was quite possibly the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes on Colby Jansen being in attendance.  He was there to present Best Bear/Cub (nice) and couldn’t have been nicer or better to look at.  Colby, I’m ready to interview you… pick the location.  I’m so open. 🙂

One of the nicest people that i met that night was hairy ginger & Best Twink winner Shameless Seamuswho was visiting New York for the first time by way of Nashville.  Adorable and sweet in person, he has a thing for older bears (He’s 22 and I’m 28.  Daddy age is coming).  So naturally I want him to visit again so we can explore his “older bear” thang.

I was so happy to see Seth Fornea be one of the trophy boys at the ceremony as I have happily interviewed him in the past.  However, his counterpart who goes by the name of “Ricky” was on a lot of people’s lips that night.  Not literally, but chatting wise.  If he really decides to go the distance in this arena he could be the next big thing.  Cuz boy oh boy was he fun to look at (and chat with later on that night at Attic).

Completely forgetting I met him at Hustlaball 2015, I was happy to see Bravo Delta make an appearance by way of the never ending winter city of Boston.  A nominee that night, I enjoyed our conversations that we had as he is one of the most intelligent men I have met in this biz.

Want to know more about The Hookies?  Check out their official site


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