Credit to: Brandon Roberts

It is very rare when you find someone that can combine the two greatest loves of my life all into one amazing package- food and a sexy guy.  Well that answer has finally been solved in an incredibly talented and handsome guy by the name of Adrian De Berardinis, otherwise known as a Youtube sensation called The Bear-Naked Chef.

Credit to: Brandon Roberts
Credit to: Brandon Roberts

Adrian has come up with an amazing concept that is simple yet catches the eye in more ways than one- do an online series where you cook for the most part… naked.  When we are living in a culture, both gay and straight, where it is hard to keep our attention span going for more than 30 seconds, Adrian seems to have solved that formula wholeheartedly with his charismatic personality, amazing good looks and cooking skills to back all of it up.  What is even better is that he has a great story to him and is overall a really nice and great guy who just like many of us is trying to build a brand using something unique and eye-catching. Doing pretty well so far if I may say so myself.

I sat down with Adrian a couple of days ago to discuss his rise as an internet star, how a bad breakup inspired the concept of this whole thing, criticism from others on it being too sex-focused, and where he sees the future as The Bear-Naked Chef.  Take a look.

Credit to: Brandon Roberts
Credit to: Brandon Roberts

How did the concept of The Bear-Naked Chef start in the first place?

The concept started years ago when I began cooking breakfast with an ex naked every weekend. I continued it after we broke up. The idea for doing the web series was conceived in the summer of 2015 as a supplement to my catering/personal chef business.  My impetus to execute the project happened partly as sweet revenge on a guy I was dating in NYC who I found out was not being monogamous so I broke things off. But mostly I had free time and the drive to produce it.

Growing up, did you have any inspirations in the culinary field that helped you along the way?

My biggest inspirations growing up were my family’s obsession with authentic regional Italian cuisine, specifically my grandmother, mother and aunts on my dad’s side. My family had pizzerias and restaurants growing up and me and my family all worked in them on weekends and summers. When I discovered The Food Network, I became obsessed with chef-lebrities such as Michael Chirarello, Mario Batali and Ina Garten. I always dreamed of having my very own cooking show.

Credit to: Brandon Roberts
Credit to: Brandon Roberts

Speaking of cuisine, do you have a favorite dish that you like to prepare?

I have so many favorite dishes to cook, all depending on my mood and craving for the moment. But honestly, Chicken Cacciatore, the dish I prepare in episode 1, is extra special because it was my favorite dish to eat growing up. My family made it only on special occasions. The flavors remind me of my childhood.

Give us a play by play on how you do each episode of The Bear-Naked Chef. 

I film each episode the same was. I do minimal prep of the ingredients, no tricks or swap outs, I take you through the entire process from start to finish. So what you are seeing is me actually cooking the dish as you would on any given day. I try to make it as personal as possible, sharing references and thoughts of why these dishes are so intimate to my experience.

Some criticism I have seen of you online is that it is more sex focused with your body than your actual cooking abilities.  What do you say to those critics who think that way?

Of course people & critics are going to say the nudity is a gimmick. And well, it is, it gets people interested. But they soon forget I am and become focused on the food, which was my goal. And my viewer comments and messages indicate that they appreciate the food and the prevention. Mission accomplished.

Would you ever do an episode where someone else is cooking with you, man or woman, who happens to be naked as well? 

For upcoming episodes I plan on inviting guests to cook with me. I have already lined up a few other sexy furry foodies to join me. The show will evolve as it progresses…

Credit to: Brandon Roberts
Credit to: Brandon Roberts

What are your ultimate goals with this project you are doing?

My ultimate goal it to get my cooking out to the masses. I feel I have a voice and point of view that isn’t out there yet. I offer easy to make, accessible food that everyone will want to try to make at home. I hopefully will inspire people who are afraid to cook, or don’t enjoy it. And yes, there is a cookbook in the works…stay tuned.

Where can people view these videos and get to know you better?

People can view my videos on my YouTube channel or google, The Bear-Naked Chef. Or they can get more of the experience from my website.


  1. If you are looking for guests to cook naked with you I would recommend Bobby Flay.

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