Credit to: Saveur

When it comes to the Mecca of food magazines, you really can’t get better than (and I’m not including mine, just yet. Hehe.) than Saveur Magazine.  Saveur is essentially the standard when it comes to finding the best foods, chefs, and so much more around the world to satisfy the culinary-savvy readers that love their publication so much each month.  Now Saveur has come out with a special edition of their magazine called The Saveur 100- essentially what you should be cooking in 2016, and is available on Newsstands now.

From Go-To Curry Pastes (#10) and Coffee in Taipei (#65), to One-Hour French Onion Soup (#75) and Why We Love Watercress (#63), The SAVEUR 100 is the annual guide to the top 100 (in no particular order) people, places, gadgets, tastes and techniques that are inspiring and exciting us in and out of the kitchen.

Chocolate City (#5)
According to Jacques Torres, “Brussels gets all the glory, but Bruges is actually the world’s chocolate capital.”  There are more than 50 chocolate shops in town, one on top of the other, as well as a chocolate museum. But don’t spend too much time inside Torres says, “Go outside, where the air smells of cocoa beans! Visit in the spring and there will be flowers everywhere. Visit in the winter and it’ll be like a fantasy holiday wonderland, filled with chocolate.”

Best New Restaurants (#31 – #40)
From a high-end, take-out California deli to a bourgeois Parisian restaurant serving perfectly executed classics to the appearance of great tacos in Copenhagen, SAVEUR recognizes the best new restaurants to open in the past year.  They include: Shaya (New Orleans), AL’s Place (San Francisco), La Bourse et La Vie (Paris),Hija de Sánchez (Copenhagen), Nos (Lima), Wildair (New York)Gjusta (Los Angeles), Dominique Ansel Kitchen (New York City),Berber & Q (London), and Petit Crenn (San Francisco).

Why I love Cardoons (#13)
Chef Mario Batali shares his love for Cardoons, the stalk like vegetable that tastes like “a cross between an artichoke, celery, fennel, and salsify, with a bitter hint of anise.” Batali likes his cardoons baked with crunchy bread crumbs and a shower of parmesan.

PLUS: Chawanmushi (#47), Istanbul (#61), Fermented Tomato Sauce (#64), Crowd-Pleasing Kitchen Gadgets (#68 – #71), Cachaça (#80), and much more.

You can purchase this special edition of Saveur here.  Happy eating everyone!