Timeless View
Suspensions Of The Brooklyn Bridge 2016

If you are a New Yorker, you are obligated to walk The Brooklyn Bridge.  Yes, it could be touristy just for the fact alone that the pedestrian walkway is ALWAYS mobbed with people from all over the world, every nice day from April until October.   It’s like going to the top of the Empire State Building or now the Freedom Tower.  If the Queensboro Bridge  has the market on quirkiness then the Brooklyn Bridge could be considered a wizened old man who has seen New York grow to be the capital of the world.  It IS touristy on the surface but dig a little deeper and it’s pure New York.

You don’t just traipse down the walkway to get from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights and you don’t just go down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and fire off Instagram shots of the bridge span.  Oh, no.  You take in every step of the old man’s passage and you let your eyes follow his gaze to the Manhattan skyline.  You take in the historic suspension cables which is weaved above you like a giant spiderweb and at the end of your crossing over the East River, Brooklyn itself awaits.

Another Timeless View
Suspension Cables Of The Brooklyn Bridge
A Tangled Web
Manhattan Through The Suspensions Of The Brooklyn Bridge 2016
Timeless View
Suspensions Of The Brooklyn Bridge 2016
Alino Witt Lovey
Lock on the Brooklyn Bridge 2016
Welcome to Brooklyn
End of the Walk Way Across The Brooklyn Bridge 2016
Brooklyn Bridge Skyline
Downtown NYC Skyline From Brooklyn Bridge 2016
Bricks of the Brooklyn Bridge 2016