To capture the people of New York City in photos is to indeed document the very soul of the most complex yet beautiful places in the world. The 2011 Census estimates there are 8,244,910 people and 800 languages spoken in New York City.  Ask each individual what New York City means to them and you will probably receive 8,244,910 different answers in whatever of the 800 languages they are speaking. There is no more unique place on Earth and that uniqueness comes from the people here.

It’s easy enough to see that the city is not only made up of people, but the experience of life here is made up of their moments.

A Moment Of Prayer
A Moment of Prayer, Photo by Mark Giarrusso, NYC, 2013
Night Shift At The Grace Building
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, Grace Building, NYC, 2013
Late Night Reader (Black And White)
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, NYC, 2013
Late Night Midtown Walk
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, NYC, 2013
3rd Watch at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, St, Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, 2013
 Brooklyn Bridge Park, FDNY
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, 2013
A Walk Down The MOMA Stairs
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, MOMA, NYC, 2013
A Quiet Smoke In The Park
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, Central Park, NYC, 2013
This Machine... (Black and White Street Musician)
Photo by Mark Giarrusso, NYC, 2013


  1. Beautifully captured moments that we can actually feel through your lens. Great work.


    God Bless you Mark.. And you eye thru the camera lens.. Beautiful pics.. As always !

  3. been in the city a hundred times and have never seen what your photographs show us..  keep up the good work

  4. I loved seeing these solitary moments in a city full of people.  No man is an island – but it can sure seem that way at times.

  5. These photos are amazing!! Solitude amongst a city of millions!! Brilliant!

  6. DustinPerrinPhotography

    Mark really lives the photos he takes because he understands the life within them. He’s very knowledgeable and aware of what he sees. I believe that’s why each photo takes on a life of it’s own because each one is a part of who he is.

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