Credit to: Tumblr
Credit to: Tumblr


Oh, the online dating world.  Something that originally started as a small has turned into quite the revolution in the straight and gay worlds.  Many a people I know use it for several different reasons beyond the first date- business, sex, friendship, etc.  You can totally get something out of it.  Heck, I have used it to promote this page and get writers on it and I am very happy with the people that I have found simply with a sentence and a click.  So the variety here is truly endless.

With all the glory and opportunities that is out there for online dating, there are certain things that people write in their profiles or do that many can find incredibly offensive and off putting to the point where they don’t even want to reply with anything back, they just block or ignore.  This is from information I have gathered from several other friends of mine, not including myself, who find these particular attributes put on as just really intolerable-


And this particular fellow didn’t even say hello.  I am sorry, but this is at the height of rudeness.  This is pertaining to the app Growlr, one I happen to love, that allows you to have a main photo but two ones that are private.  Mine are simply face shots though there are times where I want to take two photos of my dog and use them to piss guys off who were expecting more.  I equate this to an actual experience in a bar.  Not even saying hello and asking for private photos is like walking up to a guy in a bar and saying “Get naked”.  It’s not gonna happen (unless you are at certain bars) and its the same thing online.  Geez don’t people want to at least say hey sometimes before all of that.  Good god.

2. PNP.

This is a very controversial issue that seems to flood a lot of what is out there online.  “Party” means an assortment of drugs, usually hard ones and “play” means to hook up.  If I am going to party, it is going to be with some Lay’s Potato Chips, Sprite, and hopefully a bunch of interesting people around me at an actual PARTY. Not that kind.  I think the whole drug usage thing has become very prevalent in the gay community and this is something that is just wrong on a multitude of levels.


I am a firm believer that if someone goes out of their way to message you either with “Hey”, “Hello” or even a compliment like “You are handsome”, it is the human thing to respond regardless of interest.  That seems to be rampant as well, especially in certain areas of New York City, where guys think that if you don’t fit that certain muscle bear type they won’t respond to you. Meanwhile, these are the ones that are the most insecure of all.  If the guy messages you, at least entertain a conversation.  Make them feel good.  You never know when someone is having a bad day that a simple convo can make them feel better.



  1. I disagree with #3 slightly. In a perfect world, yes we should talk to
    everyone who engages us in conversation. But for some of us who live in
    heavily gay populated areas (I live in San Francisco’s Castro Dist)
    replying to every “Hey” “Hello” or “Sup” would literally be a full time
    job. I only reply to the ones that seem interesting.

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