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The Upper West Side continues to be a place that this writer happens to love, especially when it comes to the restaurants that inhabit its area. e’s BAR, located blocks from the 1 train stop at 86th Street, is a space that expertly mixes great rock n’ roll vibes with fabulous bites and so much more.

e’s BAR is a place I’ve been familiar with for years. It’s a spot that I first checked out back in 2017 and was massively impressed by as its insides were filled with amazing portraits of music legends like Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper amid a design that was colorful and fun to witness.

Credit: e’s BAR

It’s still amazing to look at although the only chance you’ll be able to see how wonderfully decorated e’s BAR is nowadays is when you (safely) use the bathroom as indoor dining remains closed in New York City.

That hasn’t stopped them from providing its customers with a truly wonderful experience. For some reason outdoor dining lately hasn’t been all that bad from my point of view as places like e’s BAR have gotten quite innovative with their interesting setups for people to dine and dish in.

Credit: e’s BAR

They’ve set up a bunch of tents right outside their entrance which are actually a lot of fun to be in. They also provide heating lamps to keep you warm amid the frigid weather so that you can sit back and relax while not worrying about catching a draft as you enjoy an evening out with your loved one.

The food is delicious as well. They have all those classic fixings available for you to sink your teeth into that will leave you satisfied by night’s end. Housemade Pizzas, Quesadillas, Spicy Fries and so many more tasty items are on their jam-packed menu not to mention an amazing line of alcoholic beverages to pair them with.

Credit: e’s BAR

For more information please check out their official website here.

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