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Delicious Food Meets Amazing Technology At Intersect by Lexus

Intersect By Lexus
Credit: LaForce

Who knew food and technology could blend so well together? That’s exactly what me and my friend were treated to when we stopped by the chic and incredible Intersect by Lexus in the West Village.

Killbar: The Cinematic Nightlife You’ve Been Secretly Craving!

Credit: Eugene Gologursky Photography

Say what you will about filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (be it that you find him plagiaristic, self-indulgent, or simply a one-trick pony), it’s still rather difficult to not admire how his style effortlessly meshes fanboy shlock with cinematic academia. He really did invent a new way for indie genre films to be hip and possess a slight but unmistakable arthouse edge, and it’s no wonder that his aesthetic has remained so popular. For that reason, Killbar, a Tarantino-themed bar opening up in Williamsburg this weekend, feels like something that should have happened a while ago now.

Touchdown! Where to Go for Super Bowl 53 This Weekend

Super Bowl
Credit: Melissa Hom

Manhattan will be abuzz this weekend with people rooting for either The New England Patriots or The Los Angeles Rams as the two teams will go head to head during Super Bowl 53 on Sunday, February 3. What NYC hotspots will be the best of the best when it comes to experiencing all you can during one of the biggest sports events of the year?

Broken Box Mime Theater’s ‘Skin’ is Fresh and Fun

Broken Box Mime Theater'
Credit: Bjorn Bolinder

There are many varieties of entertainment without the benefit of verbal expression; art, orchestral music, dance, puppetry are just some examples where the audience must rely solely on visual and aural input to determine meaning. The same is true of mime and pantomime (using the terms interchangeably although there are scholarly distinctions which really aren’t worth introducing here).

Woodbury Common: Where You Fabulously Shop Til You Drop

Woodbury Common
Credit: Focus Media USA

Manhattan is one of the greatest places in the world for everything fashion… however much of what you seek comes at a pretty hefty price tag. This is the time of year where locals are trying to get away from it all while still looking fantastic in the process. Woodbury Common, which is a short drive/train ride away from our humble abode, is able to provide you with a unique getaway that includes all your favorite designers and name brands at a much cheaper cost (but still retaining its fabulosity in the process).

The Wagner in Battery Park is Ambiance, Style and More

The Wagner
Credit: The Wagner

The Wagner in Battery Park might be a tad left of center when it comes to the geographical map that is Manhattan, however its a place that is worth the check in and more due to a variety of amenities that this unbelievably gorgeous place provides once you enter its property.

Manhattan Digest Exclusive With The ‘Psychedelic’ Chris Ruben Band

Chris Ruben Band
Credit: Chis Ruben Band
I sort of giggled when I first heard that Long Island’s very own The Chris Ruben Band partially referred to themselves as “psychedelic”. That’s because it’s a word barely if ever used in the music industry anymore, so their sound immediately caught my eye for all the right reasons.

Chef and TV Personality Judy Joo Talks Manhattan Eats, Career Moments and More

Judy Joo
Credit: Judy Joo

Chef and television personality Judy Joo has made quite the name for herself in both industries for several years. She shined as one of the four primary judges on Iron Chef UK overseas while appearing on the domestic version as well as hosting her own show on The Cooking Channel called Korean Food Made Simple. But wait… there’s so much more.

Adoro Lei Defines What an Italian Restaurant Should Be

Adoro Lei
Credit to: Michael Dibugnara/Adoro Lei

Something that has broken my heart in pieces over the course of many years of food writing is seeing excellent restaurants open and close within a matter of months here in Manhattan. Few can stand the test of time, one of them being Adoro Lei in the South Village. Here’s why they have excelled in one of the toughest places to do so in the world.

Maven Makes Driving Easier, Fun and a Darn Good Time

Credit: Maven

Maven is necessary for anyone who wants to get away from where they are for a little or long while. The company excels in providing a suite of gorgeous cars available at your disposal as opposed to going through the dreaded process of owning one, where you are left feeling refreshed and happy after finishing up your experience with them.