Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Travel Idea: Why Tellers in Eastern Long Island is Simply Incredible

Credit: Tellers

I’m always a stickler for telling my friends to vacation in Long Island during the summer (and all year quite frankly). The food scene out there rivals New York City from Port Washington all the way to Orient Point, with many amazing restaurants located in between. One of those happens to be Tellers, an American Chophouse worth the drive or train ride for more reasons than one.

Haven Rooftop is a One Of A Kind New York City Experience

Haven Rooftop
Credit: Will Cadena

Haven Rooftop is simply a spectacular place to go to and a favorite of Manhattan Digest for a very long time. Even in the COVID-19 world we are living in they are ensuring that you and your guests have a night you won’t forget in the most memorable city in the world.

Celebrate National BagelFest Day at The One & Only Bagel Boss!

Bagel Boss
Credit: Bagel Boss

We all know that there are holidays for pretty much everything lately. Bagels, an iconic delicacy that New Yorkers have been stuffing their faces with for years, has one of its own as Sunday, July 26, is National BagelFest Day! Bagel Boss, an institution loved throughout the NYC and Long Island area, is doing something super special to celebrate this special occasion.

Travel Idea — The Top Places To Dine In Las Vegas

Credit: Pexels

As one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, Las Vegas is packed with exciting things to do, stunning sights to see and, of course, delicious foods to eat!

Delicious! 4 Restaurants You Must Go To This Summer & Beyond

Credit: Brooklyn Chop House

Are you hungry? Getting tired of the same old take out you’ve been having for months now? Well its time to break free from that repetitive quarantine diet you’ve been in, head out (while abiding to the COVID-19 rules, of course), and make your way to these amazing restaurants for a one of a kind experience you will truly never forget.

Yum! 8 Iced Coffee Drinks to Try Around Manhattan

Iced Coffee
Credit: Pexels

New York is one of the busiest cities worldwide. It is divided into five boroughs which include Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Of these, Manhattan has the highest population. Many New York residents refer to it as “the City.” They like taking chilled coffee in the summer. Here are eight iced coffee drinks you need to try around Manhattan.

Little Beet Launches Delicious Summer Menu That You Will Love

Little Beet
Credit: Little Beet

Little Beet, one of the best fast casual spots in Manhattan, is lighting up your summer with tasty new options that are perfect for the everyday NYC’er.

Pepolino in TriBeCa is Worth The Trip Downtown: Here’s Why

Credit: Pepolino

Want to be transported to Italy from New York City? Go to Pepolino. This TriBeCa hotspot covers the grounds when it comes to authentic Italian cooking done just right that will leave you wanting to go back time and time again.

Cafe Fiorello Brings Italian Taste to Grounded New Yorkers

Garlic Bread. Photo by Ryan Leeds

It seemed like a good idea in March. When the country faced lockdown and dining at our favorite restaurants was no longer an option, many of us took to the kitchen. We committed ourselves to finally learning how to cook and bake instead of using our oven as a storage unit. But summer is here now and only a masochist will spend time layering a pan of pasta into the stove.

Casa del Toro in Hell’s Kitchen Invites You to a Fab Al Fresco Dining Experience

Casa Del Toro
Credit: Casa Del Toro

Casa del Toro is one of the best Hell’s Kitchen spots open for Al Fresco (outdoor) dining right now. Sure, this isn’t the ideal kind of situation given the COVID world we are still living in, however this engaging place is pulling out all the stops to ensure you have a fun time while there.