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Brooklyn’s Makes My Blood Dance Talks Beginnings, Blending Disco and Metal and More

Makes My Blood Dance
Credit: Makes My Blood Dance

Brooklyn’s very own Makes My Blood Dance is doing something that this writer has never heard of: taking the sounds of disco and metal and blending them into something that is truly awe-inspiring.

‘BLKS’ at MCC Theater Pushes Boundaries and Opens Minds

Chris Myers and Paige Gilbert. Photo by Deen van Meer.

Aziza Barnes has nothing against Lena Dunham, author of the hit HBO show Girls. Audiences and critics have likened Barnes’ play, BLKS – which premiered at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater–to Dunham’s series.Yet how many storylines of black, queer life have been depicted over the course of that 6 season television show? Answer: none.

Let’s Go! 3 Can’t Miss Food and Drink Events This Summer

Credit: Grand Bazaar

The options for food and beverage in New York City is endless year round, especially during the summer. Manhattanites are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to the bites we devour and the drinks we indulge in. Luckily there are three upcoming events that will satisfy you on both ends in several tasty ways.

Party Time! Where Are The Best Places to Go For Memorial Day?

Memorial Day
Credit: Mr. Purple

Happy Memorial Day everyone! A good portion of my fellow Manhattanites are off today which means you can either chill and relax or go out and have a blast all across the city.

Stunning New Musical Hits All the Right Notes, Sings a Song For the Immigrant

On This Side of the World
Credit: Michael Kushner

Hey, people!  Put down the video games, log off Tinder for a minute and pay some attention to what I’m about to tell you.  I’m here to publicly declare that something truly remarkable was recently gifted to the canon of the modern musical, and I need to talk to you about it.  It took place over the course of two sold-out weekends in the nondescript downtown home of Access Theater, boasted a top-notch ensemble of musical theatre’s best talent and introduced what I am blatantly calling the finest new theatrical score since the last Leap Year.

‘Enter Laughing: The Musical’ is Side-Splitting Soft-Corn Musical Theater at its Finest

Enter Laughing
Credit: Carol Rosegg

So there was this 1958 semi-autobiographical book called “Enter Laughing”, written by funny man Carl Reiner. The book got turned into a 1963 play written by Joseph Stein, then turned into a 1967 movie, with both Reiner and Stein on screenplay. Later, the play inspired a 1976 Broadway musical entitled So Long, 174th Street, which played a dismal 16 performances. It seems incredible that a recording of the show was made in 1981.

Donatella Arpaia Deliciously Opens Prova Pizzabar Inside Moxy Times Square

Prova PIzzabar
Credit: Prova PIzzabar

I’ve made no secret about my love of culinary icon Donatella Arpaia. It’s at the point where I’m almost girl crushing on how awesome she is, both as a person and chef. So I was delighted to find out that she was opening another Prova Pizzabar location, this time inside the swank Moxy Times Square.

Summer Jam Is The Biggest Concert Of The Year

Summer Jam
Credit: Summer Jam

We get so many signs and clues that inaugurate the start of something. When we see certain commercials we know fall is upon us and when we start to see the leaves grow we know spring is here. For the Hip Hop community when the 1st Sunday in June rolls around we know Summer is right around the corner, cause Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert says so!!

Oliver Butler: The Anti-Patriarch of Broadway’s ‘Constitution’

Oliver Butler
What the Conststution Means to Me. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Game of Thrones fans might be disappointed when they meet  Oliver Butler. Recently, he was asked about working on the HBO series but he had to confess that he was not, in fact, linked to the popular show. Instead, he shares the same name as one of its associate producers. 

East Coast to West Coast: 3 Fabulous Cities to Visit ASAP

Credit: National Harbor

There’s nothing wrong with getting out of the concrete jungle of Manhattan every once in a while. Yes, we live in a fantastic city, but there are so many others worth visiting especially with the warmer weather finally arriving.