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I have known the wonderful author and blogger that goes by the name of “Totally Tyler” for quite a bit now.  We have shared our funny tweets via Twitter about our love for bacon and chocolate (that can be left open to interpretation) and many other facets of our lives.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down and meet him to discuss the launch of his second book “Boys, Booze and Booty Calls: The Continued Tales of Totally Tyler”.  Even in my mimosa haze (don’t judge, they were freaking delicious), I got to know him on a much deeper level and truly experienced what a phenomenal author and man he truly is.

How did you go about writing this second book?

Well this second book is really a continuation of the first one, which was based off of blogs that I had written.  When I was writing the blogs, it was just a thing.  I had never really put too much thought into where it would go.  One day I was approached by a publishing company that wanted to make a book out of my posts, but the way I wanted to do it was to write them from the beginning.  So the first book is from 2005, then second one is from 2006, so technically speaking I already have seven books done just from the blog posts I have.

You write a lot in this second book about your insecurities in a gay relationship.  Do you think a middle aged straight woman could pick up this book and relate to what you are going through?

Maybe not directly to each situation, but I think insecurities are prevalent in any relationship.  Doubting yourself, doubting the faith you have in that other person- that’s part of a relationship.  It’s taking the risk.

Do you think farting is good in a relationship (there is a chapter in this book.  Freaking hilarious).

No! Kidding.  I think it is a sign of comfortability and being who you are in front of your partner.

Most of this book is based from your experience in Georgia.  You have lived both there and here in New York City, do you see there being stark differences between the two?

Definitely.  Interacial dating is very difficult in the south, that is for one.  Up here, if you are making out with a gay guy in a bar he always has one eye focused on you and one eye open to see if there is anything better he can have.  Atlanta tends to be a lot more laid back whereas everything here in New York City is a lot more fast paced.  Guys meet each other everywhere here from the bars to the gym, that isn’t really prevalent down there.  I like both of course, but there are definitely differences in the two.

You write a lot about Madonna.  Even one chapter is riddled with songs that describe what the actual chapter is about, which is very cleverly done.  Why is she your idol?

She is in every book actually, yet becomes more and more prevalent in each one.  She is my idol because with every album she has released, and the message that goes along with it, has directly correlated with events that are going on in my life at the moment.  I was raised Mormon, and was debating with my religion for quite sometime when “Like A Prayer” was released.  When her album “Erotica” came out is actually when I came out.  That album has had a direct response with what was going on in my life at that time.

What are your hopes for the future with this book and ultimately your life?

For this book I would love for it to be a bestseller and make a lot of money of course.  Life wise, I would love to fall in love with a handsome man and really just have happiness and success like everyone else wants.

The book in itself is written from a gay man’s perspective, yet it touches on several different aspects of people’s lives that can be relatable if you aren’t in fact gay.  Whether it is going through the weeks and months of being unemployed, insecurities,  doubts in relationships, to ultimately realizing your goals, there really is something for everyone. Everyone should go out and get a copy!

If you want to get a copy, pick up one here!

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